Cooking for the Culinary Challenged

Yesterday, I’ve officially cooked my first meal for my boyfriend and some friends and family members. Bear in mind that I’m challenged in that area. I’ve cooked only (what?) 3 times in my entire life – excluding of course, the regular Maggi mee and Campbell can soups. 😛

I made a full Chinese course dinner of 4 dishes. 2 of which are pre-marinated chicken wings (just microwave) and one “Just-Add-Chicken” Yakitori noodles (in case the rice didn’t turn out right).

Cooking rice without a rice cooker was the first challenge. With help from my mom over the phone, it turned out perfect! The other dishes are simple ones – Oyster sauce Kailan and my own signature dish (whatever I could find in the fridge).

Surprisingly, I’m happy to announce that the meal turned out better than expected and very nice indeed. I had the eggs and can soup on standby, just in case. The table set-up and the dinner went really well. Got compliments around the table but suspected they were being polite. Not bad for someone who doesn’t cook!

So, I might try cooking again in future. Maybe invite my mom over to my boyfriend’s place and cook for the family? My family haven’t tasted my cooking before, you see. So, anyone who’s been thru similar experience as a first-time chef or have any tips on easy to cook meals (without the investment of cook books), do help out! 😛

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