Introducing LADY GAGA

In case you missed it, in the recent VMA 2009, Lady Gaga made headlines with her outrageous outfits. Everyone was busy talking about how Kanye West interrupted and disses Taylor Swift on her award acceptance speech, but many missed Lady Gaga’s crazy outfit changes.

Check out the article on her Kermit the Frog red carpet, bloody stage performance, red lace award acceptance outfit that covered her face and the ridiculous bird’s nest headgear here >>
VMA 2009: OMGaga! Relive Lady Gaga’s Big Bloody VMA Night In Photos!

I absolutely adored this woman for her courage to bring theatre and show back to Pop performances. She adored David Bowie, Andy Warhol for their eccentricities. I have to applaud her for her courage to shock and awe audience. Some might say these are all her publicity stunts to gain fame. I do not belittle her for that.

This woman has talent. A YouTube video recently surfaced on a young and normal looking Lady Gaga’s performance before she became a hit. Watch this and let me know if you would give her a second glance if this was the image she stuck with.

I remembered a long time ago when I found out about Lady Gaga, I saw this hilarious interview of Perez Hilton with her. Lady Gaga was still new then and her interviews were less “censored” by publicists and she speaks her mind about cocaine being inspirations to her costumes. Check this out here >>
PerezHilton Presenting : Lady Gaga

Also, there’s been some speculation that she is indeed a drag queen. Some even called her a hermaphrodite! Apparently, at a recent performance, her skirt hiked up a little and some claim to have seen her penis! Check out this video and read the video description on the rumour here.

In a press interview, the question came up :-

So an excited Meshel put it on her: “Obviously we have to talk about the tiny penis rumours. Where are we at right now with the tiny penis issue, Lady Gaga?”

“My little vagina is very offended,” Gaga said. “I’m not offended, my vagina is offended.”

Naturally, Ash went on to say that a one-on-one with her vagina “would be a fascinating interview”. They’re probably already jostling over who gets to hold the microphone.

There’s even a full website some idiot decided to create for this rumour… check it out here

Nevertheless, I adore Lady Gaga. Close friends would tell you that I scream and shove my way into the dance floor when she’s on. I live this woman!!!

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