CelebGoss Round-Up

Here’s my round-up of the latest Celebrity Gossip for the week…

1. Leona Lewis attacked on her book signing in London

The Celeb News Network went crazy when they heard this story and ran the heck out of it. Leona Lewis was in London recently for the signing of her new autobiography, Dreams. Not 90 minutes into the supposedly 3 hour long signing, a 29 year old man walked up to her and punched her in the face. No, not slapped. PUNCHED!

The Metropolitan Police of course, arrested that man, held him in custody and has been officially charged for the assault. Leona is shaken and had to stop the signing tour altogether and was escorted away, crying (as pictured above from PerezHilton.com). Poor woman!

2. Jon & Kate Gosselin (HILARIOUS) Reality Drama

I honestly contemplated long and hard if I want to talk about this infamous couple. From their TLC reality show “Jon and Kate Plus eight” (which I have never seen a single episode of) to all this divorce drama, I am sick to my stomach already. The legal drama seemed to be never ending and honestly, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass.

However, the latest news I stumbled on seemed hilarious. Classic case of “He Said, She Said”. Here are the timelines:

This is such ridiculous redneck drama. I can’t handle anymore of this. Go sort it out away from the media, man… Nobody cares anymore. I pledge to ban this from E! News, just like the viewers voted to ban all news of Heidi & Spencer Pratt!!!!

3. MJ’s “This is It” single and movie

At the stroke of midnight on 12 Oct 2009, MJ’s unreleased single “This Is It” hit the airwaves. This is followed by previews and trailers of his new “This Is It” documentary will hit theatres worldwide on 28 October. Check out the trailer on the movie’s official site here. In Malaysia, The Star today reported that all of 10,000 movie tickets to the movie are sold out.

MJ’s fame-whore sister, LaToya Jackson, told the media that MJ would not have wanted the movie released. They were clips of his rehearsal and he would be upset to showcase a performance where he is not giving it his all.

While no celeb goss is without controversy, “This Is It” single was originally written and produced by Paul Anka and a small time female singer, Safire. Read about the scoop here and also watch Safire’s performance of the song, originally titled “I Never Heard.

4. Armani ditches the Beckhams

Both Victoria and David Beckham were hot in the Armani underwear ads. The celebrity hawt couple is now being replaced.

At first, David Beckham is set to be replaced by the new hot footballer, Christiano Ronaldo as reported here. Then, the latest announcement is that Megan Fox will now replace Victoria Beckham. Both replaced by a younger, hotter, more happening and “IT” guy and girl. OUCH!

5. Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel splitsville

US Weekly reported in their magazine that JT and Biel have definitely split. That was on 30 Sept. Then, the rumours started that JT has left Jessica and is seen fooling around with Rihanna. So loud were the rumours that Rihanna called Jessica to deny it.

Then, there is this report that the reporters harrased spoke to JT’s grandmother, where she said, As far as we’re concerned, he’s always been single. The girlfriends come and go, but we believe nothing has ever been serious.” OUCH!

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