My gym membership experiences

I am not new to the gym scene here in KL. In fact, I was a member of Fitness First for in 2003 for a year and California Fitness in 2007 for another year. However, I have not been very disciplined in my gym visits, hence the discontinuation of the memberships.

It always starts out with the best of all intentions. I am determined that since leaving the dance profession, I need to stay in shape and do regular workout. Keeping in shape has never been a chore for me when I was dancing. I enjoyed dancing and it doesn’t seem like a workout at all. I would give it 110% when I dance at rehearsals and 150% more when I perform. Without knowing it, that was my fitness regime.

When I stopped performing, I settled comfortably in an office job. Back in the corporate ladder and staring at the computer screens at least 10 hours a day, sitting in an uncomfortable swivel chair. Usually one of those el-cheapo ones that you get from the Office Furniture Superstore and not one of those thousands of dollars ergonomic chairs. That can’t be good for my back and definitely no good for my ever growing bum!

It’s been 2 years now and I dread the thought of getting back into a workout regime. My last experience haunted me. I signed up for both myself and hubby for a Couples Package. He attended less than a handful of visits to the gym. Me, on the other hand, started out very well. I was even coaxed to signup for Personal Training sessions, thinking that it would definitely push me if I had a trainer breathing down my neck and tailoring a workout specifically for my goals. It worked for awhile… like 2 months. I signed up for a total of 36 PT classes, being extremely diligent in the first 2 months. After several tired days from being brain tired from work, I started to cancel PT sessions at the last minute. Then, it became one postponed sessions after another. Then I started to lie to my trainer. Then, months after paying for the monthly fees and prepaid my 36 PT sessions, I walked into the gym one day (in my jeans) to cancel my membership. I cited that I had no time (which was true) but basically meant “I’m not motivated anymore”.

I start to make up different excuses – the gym was too far (it was a 15-20 minutes walk from my apartment and equal time for driving (considering the traffic). There are almost always no parking at the office building where the gym was which caused me to be late for classes I wanted to join. I had to hike up 4 flight of stairs to get to the locker room before walking back down again to the cardio machines. That, in my opinion was the warm-up already. Then, I was forced on the cross trainer for my 10 minutes of more cardio, followed by an instructor who was talking at me for more reps and increasing my weights. I knew I shouldn’t have completed the last rep. Now he thinks I’m strong enough to sustain more. Damn!

So, my negative thoughts got the best of me. I give up!

It’s been a good pause now and suddenly all I can see around me are people getting fit. People working out. I’m now thinking to myself, if they can do it, I should be able to as well. It’s nice to see hubby joining a team sport and religiously going to the gym to work on weights, even when he’s traveling. He got healthy, quit smoking and has really lost some good amount of weight. He’s happy! Friends around me are doing healthy activities too. If not sweat till you drop kind of exercise, but at least yoga type activities.

I know I pushed myself a little too much the last time and reached for the sky… I didn’t even get to the upper atmosphere, let alone the stars. So I need to change my mindset this time round. I should set small achievable goals for myself. I know what I need – something I would enjoy that wouldn’t be a chore. Like dancing before. Something that I can sustain, without being overly ambitious. It has been awhile since my kick boxing days and I am no longer THAT fit, anymore. I know that now. I need to do baby steps. Start with a workout that is less straining and less stressful. Yoga – I tried it before, hated it, but think that I could be at a different state of mind and stage in my life now. I should give it another try.
And so, my fitness regime hunt begins…

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