What I don’t need right now… No, really!

I am getting closer and closer to clearing my credit card debts and suddenly, all I can think of is shopping! Just as my credit card can be zero-rised, I wanna swipe it again. This is extremely bad habit but a girl can only dream.
Of the few items circling in my mind includes:

#1. A new laptop

Image Source : Engadget

I have been getting bored with my Acer Aspire One pink netbook and beginning to crave for something slightly bigger and more powerful. Processor and performance, I mean. So I started looking around for what’s hot now.

I remember eye-ing the Sony Vaio P when it first came out. I have only seen one in use at a Starbucks once (other than on display at the shops) and I am glaring at the owner enviously. It should’ve been me using it.

Image Source : ShanzCompupoint.com

I also recently heard about the new Dell Inspiron 11z. With a 11.6″ screen and measuring only 1″ thick – it’s more than a Netbook, running on Windows 7 Home. But still kept the size and lightness of the device.

They even have it in my favourite colour – RED! And it costs only RM 1799 (single core) or RM 2199 (dual core). Ooohhhh… I can’t tell you how much my hands are itching!!!
Note : I know what you’re thinking. “Sheesh! What a geek!”

#2. A brand new mobile device

It’s been only less than 6 months I have been using the HTC Touch Pro 2. I have also recently just upgraded its firmware to the brand spanking new Windows Mobile 6.5. I should be happy. It should feel like I have a new phone oredi with all the new nifty features. I have always kept myself up to date on the latest device and gadgetry out in the marketplace – local and international.
So it’s no surprise when I found out that Blackberry came out with their new line of devices minus the traditional Crackberry trackball. They have opted with a new feature of a touch trackpad. Started out with the recent Blackberry Curve 8520 – a new entry level Blackberry catered to the retail consumers. It also doesn’t help that when Xpax launched it, they were selling it at RM888 prepaid (without contract) with a RM50 starter pack. Then, Maxis announced slightly later that they’re selling it at RM488 prepaid with a 6 months BIS contract. Damn! Why do they have to sell Blackberry so cheap. My hands are itching just because they’re cheap!!!
On the other hand, I know that my next mobile phone (for both work and play) would very likely be an Android phone. I have been eagerly and patiently waiting for Google to progress with this over time. I resisted the urge to be the first to jump in and buy the first generation Android phone (when I contemplated buying one in UK and finding my way to unlock it in KL). And so, HTC have done a good job in making decent Android phones. They have progressed from the Cupcake (OS v1.5) to Donut (OS v1.6) to the now much improved Eclair (OS v2.0). My wallet is jumping out of my purse.
I held the new HTC Hero (the most impressive HTC Android phone to date) in my hands only last weekend. I wanted it so bad. But upon playing around with it (for like 30 seconds), I realised I should wait for a resistive touch screen or slider QWERTY Android phone. My fingernails are not working on the on screen keyboard very well. So I wait…. and still waiting.

Note : Yes, another geek purchase, I know.


#3. My Designer Laptop Bag / Handbag

I have been looking for this for ages. I have been hunting for a nice ladies’ laptop bag that can double as my handbag for days where I need to lug my laptop around for work or meetings. A nice ladies large tote that will hold my laptop, all the million cables and stuff, notepad and my handbag stuff (you know, wallet, ciggies, phone, name card holders, etc). But I have yet to come across one that is fashionable and not bulky.

I settled twice with a Mandarina Duck laptop bag (which I still love but is a little too laptop bag looking and big, too) which cost me RM1600 and then bought another Guess large tote for my netbook carrying which cost me RM600. For something I settled, I indeed end up spending quite a lot, huh?
What I really want is something like this Coach Glam / Poppy tote that I found on the Coach International website. It is fashionable yet big enough to store my laptop and my womanly belongings on a work day out. What I am really frustrated is that bloody Coach don’t ship here to Malaysia. Or even Singapore. My next best bet is to buy it, have it shipped to a friend in US and get her to bring it down to KL for me. Or to a freight forwarding address. Which seems like a lot of work and I really can’t be bothered. Still don’t mean I don’t want it though.

#4. An e-book reader that’ll work here

It’s frustrating since I wrote about this awhile back that I am in the hunt for an e-book reader. Believe me, I have been following so many tech sites and blogs very diligently, awaiting for the news of one of these to hit Malaysian shores. When Amazon begun announcing their shipments to Asia, I was ecstatic. Only to go to their website to find out that of all countries – they don’t ship here or Singapore. They have it in Hong Kong, Australia and even bloody Phillippines, but not Singapore or Malaysia.
What’s frustrating is – many more e-book readers have surfaced. Barnes and Nobles’ Nook. Heck – even Creative in Singapore started revealing their plans to come out with a coloured and touchscreen e-book reader. I want it now – I want it as my personal Christmas / birthday gift to myself. But hey – too bad people in Malaysia. You gotta wait! Frick! Frick! Frick!

#5. Jimmy, Manolo or Christian

One of the few girlie things that I’ve always wanted to pamper myself is to be able to buy my own pair of Jimmy Choo’s or Manolo Blahnik’s sky high stilettos. Since the days of Sex and the City, I’ve been admiring Carrie’s shoe collection and I sigh at ev ery sight of her beautiful shoe decorations. How the hell can this woman afford so much of these and I don’t even own a pair myself, I don’t know?
But the sight of these shoes on the show is guaranteed to make me swoon and melt – yes, more than any gorgeous hunks on the show. Oh ya – not forgetting the outfits, too. But the shoes. Oh yes, the shoes!!!
My first trip to the Jimmy Choo’s in KLCC was shocking for me. Of all the 20+ pairs of shoes (only) on display in the shop, the only one that caught my fancy is a silver stiletto heels with diamante accents in a glass box. They took it out for me to try and it fit like a glove. It was extremely comfortable too. Apparently, it’s from their “runway collection” and it’s limited edition and costs RM 6,500. I gulped, handed it back to the friendly salesman and slipped back into my Vincci sandals.
One of my dreams, really – is to be able to pamper myself and honestly earn and buy myself a nice treasured pair of Jimmy’s or Manolo’s – did I also mention Christian Louboutin?

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