Typing (or Swyping) on Touch-screen phones

One of the frustrations that I still face after a week of owning the HTC HD2 is to get used to the capacitive touch-screen. I have been a WinMo user for years and have always been navigating and typing with my fingernails on the standard resistive touch-screen.

Don’t get me wrong, I applaud HTC for their innovation and finally bringing capacitive screens to a WinMo device. However, as a lady with nails and also a force of habit, typing with the finger sensitive touch-screen needs a little getting used to. I envy iPhone users who can type at lightning speed like how I could when I had my Blackberry. *dreamy sigh*

I came across this very interesting text input on TechCrunch on the latest upcoming new text input style that was demo-ed on the Samsung Omnia II. Not much of a Samsung fan, but this is not about the phone, but rather about the new and (supposedly) faster way to type (read : Swype) on your touch-screen phone.

Check out the video below and tell me you’re not impressed.

Swype launched yesterday on the Omnia II in US with Verizon Wireless, with impressive reviews by top technology sites. It uses your on-screen keyboard and gives you more accurate and faster text entry. There are even videos on their website for tutorials and for you.

Also check out their “Cool Videos” section where they went out on the street to meet first time “Swypers”. It looks very funny when you’re “swyping”, cause it just looks like you’re trying to clean your phone’s screen. LOLZ.

One final note I have to make though, is that it’s already difficult enough for me to type with my fingers rather than my fingernails, now there could be a new style that I have to learn? Dang!!!

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