Education Standards in Malaysia

The PMR results have been officially announced not too long ago. A total of 28,188 students got As in all subjects, an increase from last year. The passing count has also increased, the rural passing count has increased, the failing percentage has decreased.

Check out the NST article for PMR results here >>
PMR 2009: 28,188 got A in all subjects

The UPSR results for Primary / Standard 6 students were also announced not too long ago in end November. There’s an increase to almost 10% of students getting As in all subjects, also an increase from last year. The passing count has increased, rural passing count also increased.

Check out the NST article for UPSR results here >>
Better UPSR results for 2009

This has been a topic I have been thinking about for awhile now. If the passing count has increased so much and generally all statistics points yo the fact that our students are doing so much better at exams now, what with all the technological help, more hardworking and smarter students, more competent teachers / tutors…

Shouldn’t the Ministry of Education (MOE) start looking at perhaps increasing our standard of education here?

If kids are getting all As so easily now…

What’s with all the complains that students can’t cope with Maths and Science being taught in English?

With such good passing rates, especially in the urban locations…

Would parents still tolerate their kids failing at subjects when their peers are getting straight As?

Seriously, our standard of education is nowhere near what’s being taught in some developed countries. Our world history lessons are seriously lacking. Maths is a challenging subject, yes, but I think Additional Matchs (with Algebra and all that) should just be Maths in general. Just merge Add Maths into regular Maths, I say.

Kids are getting so much smarter these days. I remember I learnt my alphabets when I got into kindergarten at 6 years old. My nephew is now 4 years old and he knows his ABC and 123 and simple math already before he’s even in kindergarten.

Will the country be doing something about this glaring statistics and stop debating about it among ourselves if our kids are smart enough to be bumped up a notch?

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