Book Review : The Dastardly Book for Dogs

Geoff got this book for Christmas and it was truly a great read. A mere 191 pages of pure giggles. This book is written by dogs for dogs. Topics ranges from “How To Make Your Owner Look Like An Idiot” to “How To Ruin The Perfect dinner Party”, this is a guide to all domestic dogs worldwide.

If you’re a dog lover or owner, you would appreciate the humourous views of Rex and Sparky, the hilarious authors of this guide book.

Check out the video promo below from YouTube >>

Also, here’s a quick excerpt from the book to give you a feel of what you’re getting into:-


A common myth held among humans is that we enjoy sticking our snouts into their crotches. False. Who on earth would think this is a pleasant experience? No, the truth is that we sniff crotches because it makes owners wildly uncomfortable. There’s not a lot of technique here. Take your nose; shove it into a crotch.

The real pay-off comes when the people your owner is speaking to begin to run through a laundry list of questions in their minds; What is wrong with this person’s crotch that his dog is so attracted to it? Doesn’t he wash himself? Is he keeping a sandwich in his crotch? Why would he do that? I must stop speaking to this person immediately and report him to the authorities.


Absolutely! It’s a great way to find out what dogs have been hanging around, and what they have been eating, and it is all part of  being a well-adjusted, sociable dog. Just remember that your owner will likely try to prevent you from doing so at all costs. If he sees you eating poo, it will be a long time before he lets you lick his face. Do not let this stop you. Just wait until his back is turned and gobble that poo up. Sneakily-eaten poo tastes all the sweeter.


It’s easy to goad your owner into handing over that Cumberland sausage. Mope around the house, add a slight limp to your gait and you’ll be eating from the table in no time. Be careful not to overdo it. Anythign too theatrical or hammy and they’ll sense that you’re faking it. You want to be convincing in a way that doesn’t warrant too much concern, so don’t fake anything too serious. The last thing you need is a surprise trip to the vet during the dinner hour. An injured paw is always plausible and usually easy to pull off.

Go out to the nearest bookstore and get this for some light reading as a coffee table book or something in the guest bathroom. Oh, and I forget, bedtime stories for your furry friend.

Click on the link and check out Amazon’s book descriptions, other readers’ reviews and buy “The Dastardly Book For Dogs” by Rex and Sparky.

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