Bobbleheads & other Merchandise

I remember watching The Office (US) and loving Dwight’s bobblehead on his table. I told myself that I wanted it. Not a Dwight Schrute one, but a personalised version of myself.

On second thought, I really wouldn’t mind a Dwight bobblehead. It was on his desk and became really popular talked about item. I did a quick Google search and found out that the NBC store was selling the Dwight Schrute bobblehead here.

I thought it was really cute and don’t mind having these collectibles “as seen on TV”. It would be really cool.

Speaking of bobbleheads, I was reading through my FB newsfeed and noted that Showtime’s store was selling some new Dexter merchandise. I clicked onto the page and found this Dexter bobblehead in his kill outfit here. Unfortunately though, the item was sold out. I would’ve so bought it otherwise.

Browsing through the Dexter merchandise, I saw some other cool stuff such as blood drop coasters that looks like Dexter’s blood drop collection of his kills. I am a huge fan of Dexter. A friend of mine even gave me a Dexter mug which he bought from Australia. I love it so much that I’m even afraid of using it, in case it broke. 😛

As a Dexter fan, there were some other Dexter merchandise that caught my attention. Most of them were mugs, T-shirts and stuff but there were these coasters that looked similar to Dexter’s collection of blood drops from his kills. I thought they were really creative and cool. I would’ve bought them for sure.

I watch quite a number of TV series and I wouldn’t mind a lot of other “as seen on TV” items. I remember going to the NBC store in New York and really going crazy over the merchandise there. I wanted all of the Seinfeld merchandise as I loved the bunch too much. I also almost came home with several (not one or two) scrubs as seen on, well, Scrubs.

I recently posted the picture of the “I want to go to there” T-Shirt which was a quote off 30 Rock, when I posted about the Golden Globes TV wins here.

Checking the NBC online store for 30 Rock here, I discovered a lot of great finds for a die-hard fan of the show. There were merchandise of items and quotes seen on the show such as mercs for “Sheinhardt Wig Company”, “The Rural Juror” and even “MILF Island”. I’m such a fangirl, but you gotta watch the show to understand my excitement about these merchandise.

Unfortunately for me, though alot of these items off the TV station’s online store don’t ship to Malaysia. If they do, trust me, I would’ve gotten quite some items. Such a fangirl, huh?

I would love to be back in New York to visit the NBC store again. This time I definitely would buy the scrubs from Scrubs and some other 30 Rock stuff, too.

My question to you is this – What kind of “as seen on TV” merchandise do you own or would buy?

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