Eating alone

I just had a meal alone – outside in a restaurant. I do this quite often and see nothing wrong or weird about it. I don’t know why so many people are terrified of this and can never do it.

“Table for one, Miss?”

Nothing wrong with that? I admit I used to have a fear about sitting in a crowded restaurant or cafe on my own. Of course, if you’re armed with a book or a laptop or a phone to browse, it would be less awkward. I remember there was even an episode in Sex And The City about this.

I am used to eating or sitting in a cafe alone, with or without something in my hand. When I mention this to some of my friends, majority of them cringe.

“I don’t mind eating alone at home. I cook for myself and eat in front of the TV. That’s OK. But not go out and sit all alone.”

“It would look so depressing. I can’t stand the glances from other patrons in the place. Like I have no friends and people are judging me.”

I don’t think that at all. In fact, I do enjoy the alone time. I get time for myself to my thoughts. I used to do this quite regularly in my uni and yuppy days. Life is so stressful and hectic, sometimes I choose to dine and chill at the cafe alone with my thoughts. I gather my thoughts better alone.

Doing things alone is not at all sad or depressing in any way. I feel it gives me a sense of independence and confidence, too. In fact, I am happy to do other things alone. I know of people who do a lot other things alone. Not because they have no friends or companion to share the experience with, it’s just a personal preference of having a “me” time.

I know people who watch movies alone. I don’t mind that at all, too. You can’t start a conversation in the cinema anyway, so what’s wrong with watching a movie alone?

I know people who travel or take vacations alone. Business trips alone is common, but vacations alone is another thing. I actually think it would be fun. I like to enjoy a vacation at a certain pace and hate the feeling of having to take care of my travel companion(s) or go sight seeing with someone to a place I’m not interested in.

Shopping alone is my favourite. I actually hate to shop with another person. Although some might disagree with me completely.

“Don’t you want a second opinion on your purchase.”

No, I actually don’t. I like to follow my instinct. If I like it, the last thing I want is someone else trying to talk me out of the purchase. I would go home, spent the night regretting and end up gong back to the store only to find out that the item is sold out. That is a horrible feeling. I also like to take my own time shopping. When I’m done with a particular shop, I leave. If I’m with someone who wants to stay, I’m obliged to stay. Dreadful.

I am no island. I do enjoy being around friends, especially girlfriends for a night out of food, drinks and great conversation. I have great family and friends to  let me enjoy that. But I see nothing wrong with enjoying certain things alone and being confident enough to do it alone.

What do you think? Do you eat alone? Shop alone? Watch movies alone?

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