Mamee Golden 8 SMS Contest

You probably know that I am a huge fan of instant noodles. Too big a fan, really? I eat too much instant noodles and my home is always stocked up with at least 2 varieties of flavours.

Unfortunately though, Malaysians have grown accustomed to simply calling them “Maggi Mee”. You never hear someone ordering a “Mamee Goreng”, right? However, I have no major preference of the brand, I go for flavours. I purchase different flavours regardless of the brands. For someone like me who have tried alot of flavours (trust me on this), there are a few favourites.

Mamee’s variety of instant noodles are nice. My favourite of their flavours are the Tom Yam and Lontong. I also like their Assam Laksa flavour. I have to be careful about eating too much of the latter because of my sensitive stomach that’s prone to gastric from the acidic and sour Assam Laksa flavour.

My regular stock of Lontong and Tom Yam flavoured noodle

There is something about the Lontong flavour that I can’t describe. Growing up in my household, we’ve always had regular stock of the Lontong flavour. This is weird because we never eat this when we’re out getting the real deal. We only eat the instant noodle variety. Ask my family and they’ll tell you that we were raised on Lontong instant noodles.

You simpl have to try it if you haven’t. This is my staple food growing up.
There’s something about the paste based seasoning instead of the usual powder form that makes it so good.

Getting ads on my blog through Nuffnang is a great thing for me. Not only do I get to connect with the local blogging community, I also get to find out about local contests, events and stuff that I would probably not see otherwise.

Time for supper

Fortunately, my love for instant noodle is paying off. Mamee is organising this contest where you SMS a code found in your 5 pack bundle of Mamee instant noodle and stand a chance to win some moolah. I am usually not a lucky person when it comes to contests like this. There is n harm for me trying this out.

The Mamee Golden 8 SMS contest is easy to join. All you need to do:-

  1. Purchase their bundle pack of instant noodle or Express Cup
  2. Find the SMS Code card inside.
  3. SMS the code to 33334
You stand a chance to win Daily prizes worth RM 888 up til monthly prizes of RM 8,888. Contest ends 31st March 2010.
I quickly rummaged through my Mamee packs and found this… Forget about zooming in to see my code. I’ve already used it.
So, this is how I make my money investment back from years of growing up on instant noodles?
Check out the rest of the information and T&Cs of the contest here.

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