Mobile World Congress 2010 Wrap Up

My first and last visit to GSMA Mobile World Congress was 3 years ago. Being in Telecommunications industry, I was lucky to have attended the biggest mobile congress in the industry. This year, I didn’t get a chance to go but I have been following alot of feeds and reading up on what’s new.

Known to the industry simply as “GSMA Barcelona” (previously it was held in Cannes), this is one heck of an industry event where all players in the Mobile field gathers to showcase their latest innovations and announcements. This year is no exception. I was particularly excited to hear from HTC and Microsoft – they didn’t disappoint.

Read more about Windows Phone 7 Series, HTC Desire, Legend and HD Mini, Google Goggles Translation, Samsung Wave and Sony Ericsson’s X10 mini and mini pro right after the jump.

Here’s a quick wrap up / summary on what went on in Barcelona this year:-

Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 Series

Windows Phone 7 Series

After much criticism on thier flailing market share on Windows Mobile being the smartphne platform of choice, Microsoft needed a revamp to their platform. Being un-finger friendly, regular platform crash and reset and constant comparison to other more successful platforms like Apple, Android and RIM, they have been teasing the market with little peeks of Windows Mobile 7.

Only, they announced a new name – Windows Phone 7 series. It’s a complete departure of Windows Mobile 6.5.X. They’ve completely revamped the platform and is now naming the WinMo 6.5.x “Windows Phone Classic”.

Read about the best articles of the coverage here:-

Here’s a cool feature video of the new Windows Phone 7 Series

HTC reveals 2 new Android phone (Legend and Desire) and 1 new Windows phone (HD mini)

(L-R) HTC Desire, HTC HD Mini, HTC Legend

I am a HTC fangirl. I fell in love with their phones since they were Dopod in Malaysia. I knew that I would be the first in line when their HTC branded version of Nexus One hits the shelves. Rumours of the phone’s spec and codename (previously Bravo) was all over the Net.

Enough speculation as HTC finally organised their press event and announced 3 new phones to their new line, due to hit the shelves in April 2010.

HTC Desire is basically the Google Nexus One with HTC Sense and multi-touch. HTC Legend is the successor to their popular HTC Hero. Legend’s biggest selling point is their aluminium unibody hardware. HTC HD Mini is a smaller version of the HTC HD2 (the biggest and best WinMo device with a 4.3″ screen).

Check out the coverage and details here:-

Here are some cool videos from HTC on the 3 new phones.

Google Goggles Translation

Google Goggles helps you with translation

Google also announced several updates on their Keynote speech and also a new cool feature that they’re demo-ing (yet to be launched officially). If you don’t know about Google Goggles, it is basically a service where you can sap a picture from your mobile phone camera and it will do a Google search for you to bring you info or results of the image you snapped.

Check out the Google Goggles website here or check out this simple video explaining it to you.

In MWC 2010, they annonced an extended feature of Google Goggles to be used for translation. If you;re in a foreign country for example, and you don’t understand the road signs and stuff, you can simply snap a picture of the sign with your phone and it will automatically translate it for you to English.

Read about it here:-

Check out this video of the demo.

Samsung Wave (S8500) new bada OS phone

Samsung Wave

Samsung accidentally revealed their billboard for this phone a day earlier than when the conference started. However, this was no surprise to many Samsung followers as the hype for this phone’s reveal was much rumoured.

Samsung’s new OS – bada has been much speculated online. So it’s only fair that they decided to announce it here at MWC. A real contender to Smartphone market, I must say.

Check out the tech site’s articles on this phone here:-

Here’s their official video.

Sony Ericsson’s X10 series
Sony Ericsson X10 mini and X10 mini pro

Other than the recent cocky statement from Sony Ericsson about rejecting the offer to build the Nexus One, they indeed have a press event and introduced several phones to us. The most notable are the X10 series of their Android phone.

The X10 series in mention is the X10, X10 mini and X10 mini pro. Read about it here:-

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