Microsoft Arc Keyboard

I have previously wrote about the purchase of my Acer notebook, along with the cool and futuristic looking Microsoft Arc Mouse (in red colour) that I am using right now. If you haven’t read it, check it out here.

Recently, Microsoft revealed a new accessory in their Arc collection – the Microsoft Arc Keyboard.

I only found out about it through my husband. He wanted a smaller keyboard for his office desk and asked me to check out this keyboard if I were going to Low Yat IT Mall anytime soon.

I checked out the product specs on Microsoft’s webpage here for a quick research.

A few selling points (PROs in my book) of this keyboard:-

  • Tiny stowable Nano receiver (like the Arc mouse)
  • Futuristic looking curve design
  • Thin and light
  • 3 years Microsoft warranty

It runs on 2 X AAA batteries that is included in the box. Having the experience of using the Arc Mouse for awhile now, I am quite positive about the battery life of the product.

Microsoft Arc Keyboard (*Source :

Nothing is perfect, so naturally, there are a few negatives (CONs, in my opinion) to this Arc Keyboard:-

  • Only available in Black colour (I couldn’t get a red coloured one to match my existing Arc mouse)
  • I don’t see any battery or power indicator. (I also don’t read manuals. I believe evrything these days should already be plug-and-play)
  • The arrow / directional key is all-in-one at the bottom right, which is rather hard to use at times. A bit of a layout issue there.
  • The base of the keyboard is glossy and is a fingerprint magnet. Reminds me of my HTC Touch Diamond.
  • The raised keys are not too friendly on my long, manicured, lady fingernails. (But way better than my chicket keyboard on my Acer to type on). Just noisier with the tapping sounds of my nails.
  • It comes with it’s own USB Nano receiver. Which mean I use 1 USB port for this keyboard and another USB port with another Nano receiver for the Arc mouse. If they’re both from the same range, shouldn’t I be able to use only 1 Nano receiver for both the Arc mouse and keyboard?

I couldn’t find this keyboard when I tried to purchase it at All IT Hypermarket on the 3rd Floor. Surprisingly, the Sales Assistant told me to go to Thunder Match (their competitor) upstairs to get it. Sounds like clear sabotage to me…

I did find it in Thunder Match and eventually bought 2. One for my husband and one for myself. It costs RM 169 each. I don’t think it’s too pricey – considering you get a 3 year warranty and this is a Microsoft product that I’m sure will last awhile and perform up to my standards.



I would recommend this external keyboard to anyone who’s looking for a small, slim, portable and lightweight keyboard that does what it’s supposed to. Although, if you’re looking for something more high tech or drool worthy, I hear Asus got a cool one out recently.


Check out other tech sites reviews on Gizmodo here, theGadgeteer here or here.

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