X-mini™ MAX Capsule Speakers™ II

I wouldn’t have known that these speakers were developed in Singapore if I had not Googled the product specs of these speakers and found it here. Frankly, I bought these speakers because I have heard and read enough good reviews about them to pay attention.

These are called X-mini™ MAX Capsule Speakers™ II. Initially, I didn’t know actual product names when I come across them multiple times, so I had always refered to them as “egg” speakers. You see, they are actually stored with both bottoms of the speakers being magnetically attached to each other.

When it’s all closed and nicely stored in the display box, you would agree with me that they looked like egg speakers, too.

There are several versions of this range as you can see from the X-Mini site.

I’m unsure if you can buy them freely in any IT or electronics shop. Because I came across them in a Hi-Fi shop selling high end home theatre systems. I was told that you do find them at airport IT / electronics stores. So, my early apology for not being able to point you to the right store to get them.

Secondly, I bought these a good 2-3 months ago. I didn’t think it was worth writing about, initially. Now that I’ve had time to sample and test the quality (hardware and sound) of these speakers, I feel like I need to spread the word.

It powers itself through the USB connection with another cable that you plug into the speaker jack on your laptop or mp3 player. For a tiny palm sized speaker, it is surprisingly loud.

No prizes for guessing which colour I bought. XD

Read more reviews from other tech sites : CNet Reviews here, 100 milligrams here or an incredibly lengthy and thorough one from GadgetLite.com here.

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