Got Paint?

When I was refurbishing my home not to long ago, I had the difficult task of having to buy paint. I have never bought paint in my life before. I had male counterparts (dad, brother, husband) to do the purchase usually. But this time around, it was a small paint job and was told to get “Eggshell coloured paint”.

After a round of dumb blonde questions, I drove out to the neighbourhood hardware store at the nearest mall. Thank goodness, they have a paint section, albeit small but sufficient for my needs. I asked for “Egg Shell coloured paint” as I was told there should be only one standard colour. I strongly think that paint should wrk like Pantone colour charts and there should be a bunch of colours within the same family, no?

True, there are a bunch of tones of egg shell / beige colours

Long story short, after figuring out the type of paint I want (indoor paint, easy to clean, non-glossy), the Sales Assistant / Paint Guru got to working for me. The paints usually comes in standard white, the colours are then programmed or configured in this funky computer…

According to the code of the colour tone you want, the computer matches it accordingly.
The paint is opened to prepare for colour mixing
The colour mixing machine goes to work
The mixing machines squirts out the correct amount of colours according to the proportions inputted in the computer (according to your code). The lid is closed and the machine starts to mix the paint colours together. Yes, literally, it’s placed in a compartment where they shake the bottle of paint. Very much like a paint washing machine. *lol*

The paint is ready!

After the mixing, the paint is ready for use. This was all very new (and surprisingly fascinating) for me. You know how they say you learn something everyday… I can truly say I have!

Just my luck though, I bought too much paint. Not knowing it, I actually have some leftover from the renovation when we moved in, too.

A friend of mine recently brought to my attention the “ICI Dulux Paint Bank” project. Dulux is urging you to give them your old leftover paint. Instead of you disposing them wrongly (you might just damage the environment, too) they take over your leftover paint and uses them to paint the homes of the less fortunate.

Head over to the ICI Dulux Paint Bank website here.

You can do your part in support of this CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) by doing any of the following:-

  • Give them your leftover paint (find out where you can drop them off here)
  • Volunteer as a painter (see where they’re going to paint here)
  • Help them spread the word about this project here
I know that I will definitely be heading over to give them my leftover paint this weekend. In case you’re too lazy to click on the links, and you’re living in Klang Valley… they’re collecting paints at Tesco @ Mutiara Damansara this weekend (11-13 June) from 10am – 8pm.
PS. This is not an advertorial. I am not the A-List blogger to get paid for writing yet. This is just something that I wish to share to all tree-huggers and environmentally friendly friends out there. Even if you’re not, no harm giving away leftover paint that you’ll probably not use anymore, right?
Come and support a good cause!!!

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