Resort Review : Berjaya Redang Resort

There are apparently less than 10 resorts to choose in Pulau Redang, Terengganu. I have only stayed in 2 – Berjaya Redang and Laguna Redang. Mostly, my bunch of diver gang opts for the latter. Early this month, we stayed at Berjaya Redang Resort – which marks my second experience with the resort.

My first time there was in 2005 and my impression of the place was that it’s a poorly maintained 3 star resort.

  • The only food options was the one and only coffee house.
  • Rooms were huts with questionable mattress and linen and the bathroom was icky. 
  • You’re limited to national TV stations and Vision Four (ala 1980s programmes). 
  • Everything in the hotel closes at 10pm (if you missed dinner time, you’re screwed) and you have nothing to do but go to bed or watch crappy TV.
  • There was no mobile reception in the resort except within the hotel guard post area.

Then, I heard about the recent refurbishment by a new GM who have turned the place into a nicer (read :   more acceptable) resort. I am guessing that they needed to catch up to the highly successful Laguna Redang on the other side of the island.

Berjaya Redang Resort is situated on it’s private lagoon, away from the crowd on the more hyper stretch where Laguna Redang is. Because it’s hidden in it’s own private lagoon, Berjaya has their own private beach, too. And what a beach it is indeed – white sands and clear blue ocean.

This time around, a bunch of us took up the 4D / 3N Ocean View (concrete rooms) twin-sharing (incl. breakfast) package with flights (from Subang Airport) which costs us approximately RM 1600 a person. This is on par with the latest rates that Laguna Redang is charging as well. Years ago, all the resorts’ rates were more reasonable, but well, they’ve all upped their prices.

Berjaya Redang Resort’s new refurbished outlook and rooms are much nicer now. You can head to their website here for a gallery of pictures by their professional photographer. But if you want to see how the place really look like without the Photoshop-ing and professional lighting, here’s some pictures I got off my point and shoot camera.

Lobby / Reception
As far as I can remember, they’ve done little upgrades to their main building. The reception area has better decor, better furniture and generally looked spruced up.

The lobby of the hotel
The reception
They even updated their lobby chairs

The main building consist of the lobby / reception area, the restaurants and bar, gift shop, recreational centre and meeting rooms.

Food & Beverage options
Food choices have improved from just a single source (coffee house) of food to a bigger variety.

Updated Coffee house

The coffee house’ selection of food has improved from years ago. They provide buffet (some included in your package) and ala carte meals (although limited, but improved).

The price have greatly increased as well. A fried rice dish might cost you RM 26++. Normal for hotels, but a little unexpected for me in Terengganu.

The Garden Restaurant

The Garden Restaurant is a new bungalow next to the coffee house. It’s only open for dinner and serves higher end fusion food. You get a good mix of Italian, Indian and Japanese food. You also get a better wine selection here. Most nights, we come across mostly couples under candlelit dinners or expat groups.

Pool Bar

Any decent beach resort should always have a decent pool bar. As I remember, it wasn’t anything great in my first trip in 2005. Then again, it could be because I was there during off-peak season and there wasn’t much live then.

The pool bar makes below average cocktails, but gets creative with mocktails and power juices. You should definitely stick to straight drinks (like canned drinks or beer off the tap). For munchies when you’re hanging around, the pizza served here are quite impressive.

Bar / Lounge area

The bar is just outside the coffee house. This is where most gather after dinner. There’s a band playing island music and the bar opens til 11pm ish. We spend nights chilling here with some card games and some booze. The band, I have to say, is not horrible, but not great either. We reckon they’re not local – armed with bongos, guitar, bass, etc, they serenaded us with poorly pronounced island tunes.

Pool Area

The pool is still not a great big Olympic sized one. It’s mostly used by families and kids, not overcrowded by babies and college kids like in Laguna Redang.
Pool by the coffee house

Room Type
The rooms have all been upgraded and looked way better than before. You have choices of Garden View, Ocean View or Hill View rooms. We stayed at the Ocean View rooms which were new concrete buildings overlooking the beach.

Ocean View rooms by the hill, facing the beach
Garden View rooms (hut / chalet style) walking distance by the pool

You can choose to walk through it’s scenic staircases across the hilly garden or be chauffeur driven by one of these golf buggies, operated by the staff.

One of the golf buggy used to shuttle you around the resort

Inside the Rooms
I am pleasantly surprised. The rooms look way…… nicer than it was before the refurbishment.

Nice comfy mattress on clean linens
Day bed for mid day naps
Vanity area and (upgraded) TV

Although there were not much decorations or wall paintings and stuff, the room was nice and clean and beautiful. The ceiling fan and a/c in the room works. Most importantly, they don’t make annoying humming sounds that disrupts your sleep or anything.

Even the TV channels have been upgraded. You get BBC, Cartoon Network and several other selected Astro channels. On top of national TV stations like RTM, 8TV, etc and not forgetting- Vision Four (which is unfortunately still alive).

The sink is nice and clean with ample space for his and hers toiletries
A very nice and powerful shower
Even a bathtub with sliding panels that overlooks the bed / TV area

Most positively, we need to step out to the balcony to see what kind of view we get with the Ocean View rooms.

Overlooking the entire private beach
You can never complain when you look out your window and see this. Beautiful white sand and contrasting blue ocean. This is what a vacation is really about, ain’t it?
One of the bluest waters I dream of every day

We are so blessed in Malaysia to be such a beautiful tropical country with beach getaways so easily accessible from town. With crazy hot weather these days, you look at blue water like this and just want to jump in!!!

Until you see tourists / uncles in banana hammocks. Polka dotted ones, as well.

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