Pet Boarding at Puppy Cottage, TTDI

Puppy Cottage is a pet shop / pet grooming / pet boarding shop located in TTDI in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We love our Mini Schnauzer baby, Oscar. He’s now almost 6 years old and have been everything in our life. He’s beloved by all and even have his own Facebook page with so many local and foreign friends (and growing). Check out his Facebook page and add him as a friend here.

Every time when we go out of town, we have to either ask a family / friend to doggy-sit Oscar or board him in one of the many pet hotels available in Klang Valley. We have had much experience with several vet boarding, groomer boarding, etc.

I came across Puppy Cottage one day online when we were planning a trip and his usual groomer / pet hotel is unavailable. What attracted me to this place was how much they have embraced technology – they have an online CCTV feed for pet parents to watch their furkids remotely.

After calling them to make a last minute appointment (on the actual day I wanted to board Oscar), I dropped by their shop in TTDI late afternoon on a Sunday.

Pet food & pet bedding
Pet accessories, treats and toys
The pet shop is quite a good pet shop with a variety of healthy pet food, pet accessories (eg. doggie bed, collars, etc) and the regular pet essentials.

The reception area greets you up front where the boarded doggies are roaming free. Yes – CAGELESS BOARDING… Your furkid are kept in their cubicle (I don’t like the term “cage”) when they close shop and the pets go to sleep. The rest of the time, the dogs are allowed to roam free.

Dogs roaming free (but boarded from customers)

No worries for female doggies (especially those in heat), humping male dogs are kept separate from the pack. All the dogs are mostly small / toy dogs that are mingling out front. The bigger dogs are kept at the back.

Cute toy dogs just melts your heart

You also don’t need to worry about diseases, fleas and ticks. The owners ensure that all owners show proof of the dog’s vaccination are updated and ensure that they’re on Frontline, the leading fleas and ticks treatment.

There is a tiled room for the doggies to drink water and do their business. This is also the same room where the CCTV is hooked up to a live webcam feed.

You are provided an e-mail link to download the webcam viewer on your laptop along with login adn passwords. You just give them a call that you’ll be logging in and they’ll place your furkid in the room for you to view.

I logged in a couple of times to watch Oscar. I feel good that he;s having a good time ad taken care of. He looks happy with new friends. For an obsessed parent like me, it’s very assuring for me to watch a real time feed of my furkid when I’m far away…

They are also a highly certified pet groomer. I didn’t get to snap a photo of the grooming section. Mini Schnauzer have specific haircuts, which I have to maintain every 4-6 weeks, or he’ll look like a Scottish terrier. Some places do Mini Schnauzer cuts very well. Some, not so. I like their cut here, but I have specific preference (and due to the location), I think I’ll stick to my usual groomer in Bangsar.

The adorable pugs who goes everywhere together

After boarding Oscar for over a week, we came back to collect him after a grooming session. As usual, our baby got too excited to see us through the windows and jumped off the grooming table. He fell on his nose. When we held him in our arms, he was shaking from the fall. Poor doggie!!!

Nevertheless, it was great that he’s as excited to see his mommy and daddy. Most importantly, he’s back home with us. We hear all the stories about his social encounters with the other dogs there. He developed friendship with other dogs and was having a lot of fun that he barely napped in the day. 🙂

Happy Oscar with mommy

In conclusion, I truly like this place. They treated Oscar very well and he seemed to have a lot of fun. The online live webcam feed was a huge bonus!!! Will definitely continue to board Oscar there the next time we have another vacation.

PS. Geoff also like the place, especially when it’s two doors away from Sid’s Pubs.

Contact Details:-
Puppy Cottage Sdn Bhd
Address : 38 Lorong Rahim Kajai 14, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +60 (3) 77287299

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