Interwebz News in Review (July 2010)

So many things happened that I haven’t had time to officially update them in individual posts. So, here’s one of those lazy posts where I shortlist the Top 5 news surrounding the Interwebz as of mid July 2010.

From Lindsanity’s jail sentence, iPhone 4’s antenna issue, Social Media happenings and schtuff… check out the headlines you might have missed.

1. Lindsay Lohan sentenced to jail

* Image Source :

After getting charged with DUI and possession of narcotics, Judge Marsha Revel placed Lindsay on probation and even strap on a SCRAM ankle bracelet on her to stop her alcohol abuse. Then, on 6th July 2010, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to serve 90 days in jail, followed by 90 days of in-patient rehabilitation program. This is yet another huge celebrity trial that was even streamed live on the web.

The web started a buzzin’ with her disrespectful nail art that read “Fuck U” on her left middle finger throughout her hearing. That certainly didn’t help, even with her tearful plea to the judge, caught on video here.

She’s due to submit herself to serve her jail time tomorrow (20 Jul 2010) but is in pure denial and is trying everything she can to get out of it. Her lawyer then quits and she proceeded to hire a new lawyer, Robert Shapiro, who defended OJ Simpson’s murder trial.

The latest plea appeal is that she’s suffering from a “disease“. Yeah! The “I-didn’t-think-they-would-send-a-celebrity-to-jail-so-now-I’m-fucked!” disease…

2. Apple’s Antennagate issue

* Image Source : Gizmodo

Since the launch of Apple’s iPhone 4 on 24 June 2010, crowds of people camped and created long lines at Apple store to get hold of the device and it was meticulously noted by tech sites all over. Not long after, loads of these early adopters started complaining about the significant signal loss or weak reception of the phone when held on the antenna band. Gizmodo has a collection of these videos here.

Then, one of those users got a reply from Steve Jobs on this issue which he blogged about here. The kicker is Steve Job’s reply…

Just don’t hold it that way.

Not long later, another user sent a lengthy, angry mail and got another killer reply from Steve Jobs reported by BGR here

It is just a phone. Not worth it.

Consumer Reports did a lengthy study on this issue and widely reported that the antenna issue is real and that they would not recommend the iPhone 4. This made headlines all over and even caused Apple’s stocks to take a dip.

Apple called for a Press Conference on 16 Jul 2010. Watch the video on how Steve Jobs tackled the iPhone 4 antenna issue here. Apple decided that they would now give away free bumpers (iPhone 4 case) to shut up the noise. They also put up a new webpage here, outing the other phone manufacturers on their antenna sensitive areas. Which, of course made the competition angry and they fired back.

The issue is now still on-going, although it did quiet down for Apple for a bit when they tried to divert the attention to the release of the white version of the iPhone 4.

At the end of the day, Apple screwed up big time! Again, I have to yell it out to all of you… GO ANDROID!!!!

3. Best Social Media marketing with Old Spice

If you don’t already know, the social media is buzzing about the New Old Spice commercial and its new spokesperson, Isaiah Mustafa.

Check out their new series of Old Spice commercials on their YouTube channel here. I’m embedding one of the commercial below.

Not only is the commercial a great new series to bring back a dying brand, they embraced social media marketing and came up with a better marketing strategy. They started replying individual users who tweet about him.

Imagine if the TV commercials you watch can talk back to you. Yup, that’s exactly the idea here. The Old Spice guy will now reply to your tweets via a YouTube video. They started this with a few celebrities and bloggers to get it viral, then random strangers (like you and me) creating a hit of a social media campaign that got everyone talking, showing great stats.

Check out Mashable’s great list of the Best and Funniest of the Old Spice responses here including one marriage proposal.

4. World Cup 2010 Finals

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My face paint for #NED

I don’t need to let you know that the whole world stopped working and was glued to the TV the last month due to the World Cup 2010 finals. Heck, even Twitter’s Fail Whale surfaced several times when they couldn’t handle the load of tweets everyone’s sending.

On 11 Jul 2010, I was out at midnight dressed in my best Orange outfit, headed over to Holland House (at Havana, Changkat) to celebrate with a house full of Netherlands supporters. The match started at 2.30am KL time, but the streets were filled on that Sunday night / Monday morning.

Unfortunately though, the winner was Spain. It took over an hour to get back to our car at 6am that morning. We only got home and went to bed when the sun was bright and shining. Thankfully, we didn’t have to go to the office like most of you.

How did your viewing / celebration go? Mine was mostly loaded with a sea of Oranje outfits and an awesome ambience at Changkat.

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Sea of Orange at Holland House @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

5. Double Rainbow YouTube viral hit

I decided to end this post with something light. Also a story that some of you might not be aware of : The Double Rainbow guy.

What is it? Basically, it’s a YouTube video of this guy who shot a video of a double rainbow. It is indeed a rare shot and he was obviously overwhelmed by it. So touched of the beauty that he cried. Yes, it was so beautiful, he had to cry… No, not just some manly teardrops, but sobbing tears. Unfortunately though, there wasn’t a shot of his face, but you can hear it in the video attached below.

As of posting this blog entry, the original video has close to 5.5 million views on YouTube. I am not even going to start searching and counting the amount of parodies, songs and memes made after this original video.

I hope this is a good enough list of 5 news that pretty much sums up what’s been on the news / net lately. Anything in particular you like / would like to comment about / think I missed – let me know in the comment below…

PS. An extra note to end this summary of news is to showcase (and provide you with links) on the current most hated man in America – Mel Gibson. His recent stories on accidentally punching his baby in an arguement or his verbal racist meltdown caught on tape (Rant #1Rant #2Rant #3Rant #4 and Rant #5).

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