Wedding Singer

Remember the movie? Remember how cheesy it is to hire a horrible cheesy performer singing on your wedding?

My husband understands how much these performers suck. In fact, he embraces it. He once threaten to hire the cheesiest wedding band to play the cheesiest wedding lovey-dovey tunes on our wedding night – just for laughs. I obviously forbade it. Imagine if we did, the poor wedding band would have no idea that they’be been setup for the guests “entertainment” (read : humour).

So, I’ve attended a fair share of weddings with cheesy wedding singers. Most recently, my cousin’s wedding a couple of month ago. The “entertainer” was an emcee / wedding guest / marriage official / wedding singer. I didn’t get to witness if he was any good as a officiating the wedding, but as a performer, it was painful to watch.

Check out the video I captured on my mobile.

*cringe* It was more painful being there in person.

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