Restaurant Review : Mei Keng Fatt Seafood

I have been going to Mei Keng Fatt Seafood Restaurant for years. I believe the restaurant has probably been in business for close to 15 years or more. It has gone through several rounds of refurbishments as well. Even parking around here has improved tremendously. Their expansions include buying over several other housing lots to serve as their parking spaces (FOC for customers).

Among my group of friends, this restaurant is known as the best Chinese seafood restaurant for locals and foreigners. Many times we have brought our foreign friends here and most of the time, we see quite a number of foreigners and expats dining here. Also, many a times, we tend to bump into other friends here, too.

Mei Keng Fatt is situated in Kuala Ampang. Coming from Flamingo Hotel on your left, go past the interchange to the Ampang – KL Elevated Highway. Turn on the next left (you will see their signboard from the main road). I about 500 m, you will see Mei Keng Fatt on your left.

Honestly, the pricing of the food here is rather pricey compared to other local seafood restaurants / tai chow places – about 30-40% more expensive. However, the ambiance is nicer here and is a good place for us to entertain out-of-town guests. The food is good and they have excellent food and specialties that a foreigner would love.

The service there is good and quick. Upon ordering, it wouldn’t take too long for the food to arrive. The staff consist of some local Chinese (taking orders, etc) and foreign workers (serving food and drinks). I have not had major complains on the service – since I keep coming back over the years.

Being a seafood restaurant, of course their specialty is the seafood.

Deep fried prawn fritters
Steamed (with ginger) catch of the day
(Wet) Black Pepper crab

You can have the option of the dry Black or White Pepper crab as well.

Marmite Crab

Our recent out-of-town friend was craving this very badly. Apparently, they tried hunting elsewhere for the Marmite crab variety and couldn’t find it anywhere in the region. Not in Hong Kong, not in Singapore… So, it seems only Malaysians have Marmite Crab. Can anyone verify to this?

The signature dish that we ALWAYS order when we’re here is their Chilli Crab with the fried bun. This is a very popular dish here in Mei Keng Fatt – it’s also featured on their billboards and posters around the restaurant.

(Wet) Chilli Crab

This is a HUGE favourite among our foreign friends. The chilli sauce on the crab is cooked with some eggs and spring onion and is super delicious. Even if you’re not a crab fan, you can always have a deep fried bun (man tao) dipped in the delicious chilli sauce.

Deep fried man tao (aka bun)

Other than seafood, we also need some carbs and vegetables to make the meal balanced, right?

Fried rice (the Chinese food of choice for kwai lo)
Hokkien Mee
Garlic fried baby kailan
Traditional broccoli and scallops

For the benefit of those who don’t eat much seafood, there are also other meat dishes.

Deep fried lemon chicken (another traditional kwai lo dish)
Sweet and Sour Pork (another kwai lo favourite)
Black pepper Ostrich meat
Deep fried pork ribs

There were approximately 12 of us at the table that night, so we ordered quite a lot of food. So much food that they keep having to transfer dishes into smaller plates to accommodate for new dishes being served. It got to a point that the lazy-susan couldn’t fit anymore dishes and it was passed around the table.

As predicted, we really didn’t finish it all. Looking back at the pictures now, I am extremely hungry and wish I stuffed myself silly then.

They also cater for birthdays, weddings and other special functions. They also do outside catering on demand. Just give them a ring – you will love the food and so will your guests.

Indoor air-conditioned section (for weddings and functions)
Choices of crabs (Sri Lankan, Alaskan, Australian Mud crab, etc)
The fish tank of the seasonal fishes and seafood of choice
Although the food here is slightly more expensive than other similar restaurants, Mei Keng Fatt have great food and have been very successful. They’ve been in operation and expanding very rapidly in the recent years.
If the ala carte menu ordering is too much for you,  the restaurant also have seasonal promotions. The last time I was there, they have free red wine with your package set meals. Set meals starts from RM 398++ onwards.

If your mouth is not drooling yet, there is seriously something wrong with you. Although some locals may not like this restaurant (due to its prices), then I am sure your out-of-town guest will be very happy with their meal. I have not have a single foreign guest complain of the food here.

Contact Details:-

Add : 1 Lorong Awan 6, Kuala Ampang, 68000 Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : +60 (3) 42566491

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