Winamp Media Player – When you hate iTunes

If you’ve been around for ages like me, you’d probably heard of Winamp. I remember using this software back in the 90s when Windows Media Player that came bundled with your PC just plain sucks.

If you own an iPod, you’d understand the pain that we all face of Apple forcing us to use iTunes. Today, Winamp has indeed came a long way. You can manage your multimedia (audio, video, podcast, streaming media, etc) when your iTunes (again) just plain sucks.

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The media player looks rather slick. This media player has come a very long way since inception. The files supported are huge, the feature list is ever-growing. So, if you want to check out what you can do with this Media Player, check out Winamp’s Feature List.

Here’s a quick overview of why Winamp has been around for so long and continued to stay on top for so long:-

  • An all-in one multimedia manager – Manage your music, video, podcasts, streaming radio & video, CD ripper
  • Wireless desktop sync with Winamp for Android – Aiming to the iTunes for Android)
  • iTunes Library Import – Replaces your iTunes and default Windows Media Player.
  • Device sync and management – It handles sync to your iPod, iPhone, any mp3 players, mobile phones, etc.
  • Supports all possible multimedia file types you can think of.
  • Rip & Burn your CDs.
  • Great equalizer. For you audiophiles out there who likes your music just the way you like it.
  • Online content, powered by AOL in US. – Directories of online content like podcast, streaming radio, online video
  • Over 2400+ skins for you to customise. – You can make the player look the way you like. So many submitted look and feel.
  • Over 16 languages supported.

The biggest selling point for me is that I refused to use iTunes to manage my music and copy it to my iPod. It’s just plain troublesome, this iTunes, isn’t it?

I’m so glad my beloved Winamp has improved miles over the last decade.

If you’re not used to it, you’d very likely get confused very easily on how everything works. There seems to be so much buttons and menu and everything. No worries. The Winamp’s Help page is very extensive – you have tutorials, overviews, guides, FAQs.

Winamp is so customisable, I’m quite sure you’ll love it.

You can browse for Winamp Skins, which currently have over 2800+ skins for you to change the look ad feel of the media player…

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Then, you also have Winamp Plugins that are basically add-ons that you can include in your media player to help you multi-task. For example: Advance Equaliser, file explorers, YouTube viewers, etc. There’s almost 1000 plugins to browse, should you wish to complicate the software (hehehe)…

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Winamp Visualization is one of the bigger selling points of the player. People love them. There are over 2700+ visualization featured. So, if you’re one of those type who loves screensaver like graphics with your music, you’ll love this.

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Because Winamp is a part of AOL in America, they have an extensive access to a number of Online Contents they called Winamp Online Services. Check out more online radios, free streaming charts, podcast subscriptions, music purchase, etc…

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I am now only using (me thinks) 10% of what the media player software is capable of. I have only just copied all my music to the Media Library and using simple drag and drop to copy songs and playlists to my iPod.

If I get bored listening to the songs I already own, I just click onto the Winamp Online Services link and choose a random Online Radio station to listen to (Yes, Windows Media Player needs to do this, like yesterday!). No long waits while the media is buffering (Yeah, I’m talking about iTunes) and no stupid compatibility issue because I’m not staying in US (Yes, talking about iTunes again).

I am reminded, once again, why I love this media player. Easy, supports every file format and device type (stupid Apple iTunes) and does the job… and much more.

What media player do you use on your computer?

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