Angry Birds plush toys

I have been obsessed with online shopping lately. I am already buying an obscene amount of phone cases off eBay for years. I’m now finding more stuff to buy online.

It also doesn’t help now that I found a freight forwarded that allows me to buy goods from US, UK and Japan who don’t normally ship outside their country. And… at affordable shipping rates, too.

One of my shipments arrived today.

Yes – Angry Birds plush toys set. These are knock offs. Not the originals. Although the originals are not too pricey, but their shipping rates to Malaysia was a little too much.

So I found these Chinese knock offs on eBay. I got too excited and ordered one of each bird. I had to buy the pig separately from another store. Regardless, its a complete set.

Now, to figure out how to display them. Any ideas?

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