Sydney Ferry to Manly (Part 2)

2011-04 Sydney Trip 070
My last post about my tag-along trip to Sydney, I checked out the sights around the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. If you’ve t seen it, read about it here.

The next day, I decided to take the much recommended ferry trip to Manly.

Manly is a ferry ride away from Circular Quay and was highly recommended for anyone (read : me) to get a good view of the Sydney Harbour along the way.

It was like any ferry ride. They’re very on time and there’s one every 30 minutes.

There are INDEED loads and beautiful sights to take in. The earlier sights of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House definitely look helluva lot better when it’s in broad daylight. Winking smile

2011-04 Sydney Trip 083

There are very beautiful (and I assume, expensive) hilltop houses along the way. I have not managed to roam to the houses there, but they look very chic – Malibu beach side style mansions. Like the one that Charlie Harper stayed in Two and a Half Men.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 080

I couldn’t resist taking the picture of this cute little Indian girl who was so excitedly looking over the ledge of the ferry. Her family was right behind her – nonchalantly riding a public transport (to them, at least). She was enjoying the breeze and the view.

I managed to frame the picture so that you can see the Opera House at the background. This is another one of my favourite shots.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 099

After a short 25 minutes or so, we arrived at Manly Wharf.

As I followed all the passengers walking towards the beach, I took in the sight.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 101

This poor employee was tasked to stand in front of a shoe shop selling Ugg Boots.

My husband thinks ugg boots are possibly the ugliest shoe ever designed. I, on the other hand, thought that with the right outfit, they can look cool. Although, I don’t own one and don’t think I’ll be any close to going to a snowy hike to justify the purchase of one. Smile with tongue out

Once I arrive on Manly Beach, I took in the sea breeze and watched everyone chilling on this nice windy day.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 103

It’s not exactly a sunny day. It’s not exactly “Malaysian beach” nice. But I guess, the Australian surfers and locals get a day out. Minus the sun.

I tweeted about being on Manly Beach. I got a reply asking if Manly Beach is indeed “manly”?

It formed a smile on my face and I decided to capture exactly how “manly” the beach is.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 104

Yeah – 2 oversized overly tanned middle aged guys in their Speedos, supposedly tanning. There really is no sun!!!

2011-04 Sydney Trip 110

Speedos are really everywhere. Here’s another middle aged guy, randomly walking around in his Speedos.

But honestly, it’s not all bad. There are some really interesting people watching for awhile for me.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 108

I spotted this cute family chilling on the beach. The parents were sharing little kisses lying on the sand. While their kids was just having a ball playing around them. Look at the cute kids climbing on the mom’s back.

I found a nice bar / restaurant and had a quick lunch and chilled with my wine, enjoying people watching.
Australians are known to be chilled and easy gong. They’re very nice people. Don’t take themselves too seriously.

2011-04 Sydney Trip 124

Check out these construction workers with a Winnie the Pooh strapped on the front of their truck. Brilliant!

Once again, fellow photographers – what do you think of my picture taking skills so far?

For those who have been to Manly – perhaps you can recommend me what else I could’ve done when I was there. Coz other than the beach, I really don’t know what I could’ve done there. ???

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