Sydney’s Awesome Food (Part 3)

2011-04 Sydney Trip (8)Here’s the third instalment of my Sydney trip in April. If you haven’t read it, check out Part 1 of Sydney Sights here and Part 2 of Sydney Manly ferry trip here.

In this part, I want to highlight all the great seafood that I got to savour in oh-so-many harbours in Sydney.

There are several different restaurants I will highlight in this post. One is Nick’s Seafood in Darling Harbour. Then, I will also share with you some random food shots of different restaurants that we visited.

Nick’s Seafood @ Darling Harbour

I’ve heard loads about the crab legs and delicious seafood there. Naturally, I get really excited when the locals made reservations for an authentic Aussie style seafood restaurant called Nick’s at Darling Harbour.

Nick’s Seafood has 2 branches on Darling Harbour – Nick’s Bar & Grill at King Street Wharf and Nick’s Seafood at Cockle Bay Wharf. After several mixups on the actual restaurant, we finally settled in and ordered our food.

2011-04 Sydney Trip (2)

I was so hungry at the time, so as any Malaysians do, they over-order.

2011-04 Sydney Trip (6)

Didn’t use my DSLR this dinner so I used Hubby’s point and shoot for this over-exposed shot of the Seafood Risotto. You might not see it very clearly here, but this was a generous serving of mixed seafood of clams, squids, scallops, etc with the perfectly cooked risotto.

This was supposed to be one of my 2 main course. I also decided to share the Seafood Platter with my husband. While I was digging into the risotto, the platter came.

2011-04 Sydney Trip (8)

The dish was HUGE! There’s lobster, deep fried prawn (or they call shrimp), deep fried fish fillet, crab legs, oysters, squid…. I mean, it was HUGE.

Just when me and Hubby were panicking over how to finish the platter, the waiter dropped the sides that came with the dish.

2011-04 Sydney Trip (7)

Now, we have another HUGE salad and HUGE fries to finish, too.

2011-04 Sydney Trip (10)

This was another angle of our HUGE Seafood Platter. See the lobster meat!

2011-04 Sydney Trip (13)

The boys had fun holding up the lobster just to show you how big it is.

2011-04 Sydney Trip (18)

I also got in on the fun to show you the GIANT crab legs.

As you’ve guessed, we couldn’t finish our food. So we tried to push it off to some other guys at our dinner party.

2011-04 Sydney Trip (16)

Unfortunately though, they all ordered HUGE meals themselves that they were struggling to finish, too.


More Crazy Food Adventures

We visited this awesome Italian restaurant. For the life of me, I can’t seem to recall the restaurant name or the location. I will update once I remember.

Me and Hubby decided to share their 2 person T-Bone steak. Once again, I didn’t think Aussies can eat American portions.


They were nice to slice the steak already for us and even left the bone as the evidence of the steak on the plate.

Sorry for the bad quality of the shot I used my phone in a dark restaurant and edited it with a photography app I was trying.


After dividing it between the two of us, this is what was my portion. It might not look it, but that is helluva lot of steak for a tiny Chinese girl like me.

However, the T-Bone steak was awesome. As you can see from the picture, it was perfectly cooked just the way I like it. See the red in the middle. *drool* Nice!

We also got to visit a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown – Golden Century (or Peacock / Dragon / Phoenix) or some name like that. It seems that it’s the best Chinese restaurant in town.

Thankfully, it’s run by real Chinese people cooked proper Chinese style. The owners were either Taiwanese or China Chinese. They spoke Mandarin.


This was their Signature Lobster. It was delicious, cooked in some starchy pepper-ish sauce. Everyone loved it, of course – but this dish also cost half of our bill that night.


Yup – the guys ordered this oyster that is single serving with glass noodle and garnish. I’m not an oyster fan, so I only ate the glass noodle. Smile with tongue out


This was their Peking Duck dish. Unlike the normal roast duck skin, this was dark sauced duck. Hubby, who insisted on ordering this dish, remarked that this is the best dish of the night.


This was fillet fish. As simple as the fish dish is – I really liked it.


(L-R) Roast Chicken, Beef curry, Spinach

I am seriously impressed with the quality of Chinese food in Sydney. Well, at least this restaurant. I am impressed that it’s authentic Chinese food. The double story restaurant was packed when we got there and had to even wait 20 minutes for a table.

It really shouldn’t be that shocking to me – considering there’ are so many Asians in Australia. What impressed me is that they maintained the authenticity of these Asian dishes. Well done.

In this trip, I also got to try a lot of great dishes in other restaurants that I didn’t manage to photograph. I also didn’t get to try some other recommended restaurants due to time.

Any other places I should check out for good food the next time I’m in Sydney?

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