Grieving the loss of HP TouchPad

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At first, HP made its first announcement of their webOS tablet – the HP TouchPad in February 2011. This was the fruits of the labour after their acquisition of Palm for USD$ 1.2 billion in April 2010.

The world was excited to get their hands on the first webOS tablet. Although the original Pre mobile phones running webOS has not been well received as a mobile OS or hardware, but promising for something greater. The OS would be great as a tablet for its strengths in multi-tasking capabilities that is smooth and fluid.

Somewhere in between, HP reassigned Palm’s CEO, Jon Rubenstein as their new head for Personal Systems Group – who will oversee the whole HP’s PC business. A promotion or a demotion (taking away his webOS baby), is a source of debate. They promoted Stephen DeWitt as their new SVP of webOS.

HP promised that the HP TouchPad would be out for mass market in the coming weeks. But it didn’t happen so. It took them months and the HP TouchPad was only finally out in the shelves in July 2011. So delayed that the market has moved on, forgot about it and was swamped with Apple iPads.

After only 49 days on he shelves in the market and abysmal sales figures including BestBuy reported only selling 25,000 out of the 270,000 units of the tablet they have in stock. HP’s CEO, Leo Apotheker released a shocking Press Release in conjunction with HP’s Q3 Financial Call. HP announced that it will discontinue webOS hardware and possibly spin off it’s Personal Systems Group, namely the PC making business.

From that faithful day onwards, the web reacts with the classic stages of grieving for the loss of webOS.


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