Support Movember!

No, I didn’t spell it wrongly. No, it’s not a typo.

Movember is actually a charity campaign in support of men’s cancer – prostate and testicular cancer.

During November each year, Movember aims to raise awareness on men’s health by getting men to pledge to grow their moustache for the whole month while others can sponsor them for their efforts and donate to the charity.

Men who register to participate start with a clean shaven face on the 1st of November, register on the Movember website and seek for sponsors to donate to their efforts for the month.

Registered participants are affectionately called Mo Bros. They will grow their moustache (only ‘taches, not beards) for the cause, while advocating the cause and helping create more awareness on men’s cancer.

Spouses for the Mo Bros, called Mo Sistas (Whoop. Whoop.) help support the efforts and spread the word to help raise funds for their Mo-growing partner’s sponsorship.

As a Mo Sista, my husband is participating in Movember for the first time this year. He needs all your help to support his efforts in growing his moustache for the month.

It’s Day 2 and he’s got a very Salt ‘n Pepper-ish shadow of a moustache going on now. I think his hair follicles needs more sponsorship to start sprouting! Hahahah.

Here’s his Movember Profile picture, with an added (fake) moustache on the site.

Please help support his moustache growing efforts by donating on the site HERE.

Hubby aims to have an impressive ‘tache like Magnum PI. With his greying hair (sorry, baby), I kinda doubt it will be that dark and bushy.

Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I. (Image Source :

Nevertheless, Hubby is super determined.

So should I – to help him raise as much money as possible for the whole month of November. So, I urge you all to help and sponsor his efforts. If not for him, at least do it for men’s cancer.

Please help sponsor Mo Bro, Geoff Head’s moustache growing Movember efforts by donating on the site here.

No amount is too small. So, anything you can give is good. Remember, this is for charity, so you will definitely get a receipt for your donation (which is tax-deductable).

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