Restaurant Review : Racks @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

2011-10-19 Racks Review 025

A few weeks ago, I arranged for a bunch of bloggers to try the mouth-watering pork ribs place that just opened in Changkat Bukit Bintang – Racks Bar and Baby Backs.

It is situated right in the heart of the busy, happening street of Changkat, specifically in between Finnegan’s Irish Pub and Pinchos Tapas Bar.

Racks is owned by my good friends – Paul Corrigan, Shu Min Lim and Paul James (the esteemed chef), who also happen to be owners of The Magnificent Fish ‘n Chips and Havana Bar along the same road on Changkat Bukit Bintang.

It was my first time meeting some of these super famous bloggers in the KL blogosphere, which includes ShaolinTiger, KimberlyCun, MyHorng, KYspeaks, Eyeris, KampungBoyCityGal … and the others I already know (but don’t get to see enough) VernonChan, RebeccaSaw and SixthSeal.



As with most restaurants in KL, you have an outside al-fresco dining space with square tables and chairs.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 004

When you walk in, you’ll see the well stocked bar on your right.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 001

It was raining that faithful Wednesday, so as usual traffic in town was bad. While we waited for everyone to arrive, we chilled at the bar with some good ole’ alchoholic beverages. Open-mouthed smile

2011-10-19 Racks Review 0132011-10-19 Racks Review 0162011-10-19 Racks Review 0172011-10-19 Racks Review 012

On the left, there are high tables and chairs for diners. Along the bare brick wall, there are chalk boards hung on chains with witty / naughty quotes and highlights of the food and drinks menu.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 011

At the back of the restaurant, towards the bathroom area, there are more seating area with a (partial) view of the kitchen. More chalkboards showcasing the menu here. Also check out the wine cooler with some of the selection of wines.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 035

Once everyone arrived, we all sat down at our “Reserved” long high table.

Racks’ deco showcases a hint of naughtiness with a semi-S&M feel of chains and bondage gears. Even the logo, which can be found at the back of the waitress’ T-shirt, shows the “C” in the restaurant name as handcuffs. Cheeky!



Racks serves all dishes pork!!! If you’re craving for your porkie-licious fix, you’ve come to the right place. Porks in all styles are highlights and abundant.

The first dish that came to us were conveniently cheeky as well.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 040

Racks’ Special Pigs in Special Blanket (RM 24)  is provocatively presented. The spiced oxfords are wrapped in delicious cold cuts are to die for. If you’re a fan of pigs in blankets, this is the best I’ve tasted. Also, note the suggestive placing of the sausages. *wink*

2011-10-19 Racks Review 044

The other highlighted dish is the “Peaches ‘n Parma” (RM 22). This is a favourite among the group. The fresh peaches are grilled and perfectly tucked in parma ham. *drool* Parma Ham…… The side garnish is a belnd of pesto with pine nuts. Perfect combo.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 063

This is the “Angels in Parma” (RM 32) is basically fresh Pacific oysters still in its shell with parma ham. Yes – more parma ham. It also has a small dash of sambal to give the dish a nice kick.

Originally, when I first heard of oysters with ham, it sounded weird. Many agreed with me. But once you’ve tasted this dish, you’d agree that it was an interesting and delicious combination. The sambal really gave it a good twist of slight spiciness.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 054

As a fan of greens, the other “in blanket” appetizer is the “Asparagus under Proscuitto” (RM 22). I am a huge fan of asparagus and this is my perfect balanced appetizer. While eating too much meat can seem sinful to me – this dish seems balanced for me as it has both vege and meat. Hehe.

The proscuitto is one of my favourite cold cut and having it wrapped in one of my favourite vege is simply heaven!

As if 4 appetizers is not enough, we get more…

2011-10-19 Racks Review 070

The cold cuts platter came with an assortment of pork meats, some interesting dips and olives (which goes great with cold cuts) and some home made breads.

All the appetizers, that you will no doubt enjoy and savour, will give you a good idea of the main courses to come. All meats are fresh and delicious with home made dips, garnish, sides and bread.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 071

All the dishes looks (and tastes) so yummy that the bloggers can’t stop taking more and more pictures of them.


Main Course

When your stomach is nicely lined with some good cold cuts, parma ham and proscuitto hams, you are reminded that you’ll be presented with the main course and the porkiest of the menu to come.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 107

“Racks Big BAD sandwich” (RM 26) is bacon sandwich with perfectly cooked back bacon on home made toasted bread with avocado and dried tomatoes. Classically simple, yet equally mouth-watering dish.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 109

Once everyone saw the menu, there is high anticipation for the “Pork Burger” (RM 28). The patty of pork with smoked back bacon, dried tomatoes, crispy bacon and the works. Yes – there are greens in it, too. It’s served with a side of home made coleslaw. It is the favourite of the group of bloggers and feels great to hold in your hands and take a gigantuous bite into it.

Hmmmm….. pork burger…… *drool*

2011-10-19 Racks Review 092

Another burger to add on to the list, is the “Pulled Pork Burger” (RM 28) is another awesome Boston butt slow-cooked pulled pork, packed in a bun. This delicious burger is served with crackling (deep fried pig skin) and a side of apple jam.


Ribs and more pork ribs…

Now, we come to the main attraction on Racks menu – PORK RIBS!!!!

All Racks’ pork ribs are slow braised and glazed on the spit. There are currently about 2 different styles of ribs available on the menu, with more on the way.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 123

Hot and Spicy “Torture Sauce” ribs (RM 32 half rack, RM 52 full rack) are perfectly cooked and easily parted off the bones in a bite. Served with a healthy serving of home made mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 156

As if we were not already impressed, we also got to dig into the Sweet and Spicy “Marmalade Glaze” full size pork ribs. With a healthy sprinkle of chopped spring onions, this dish was impressive in presentation and taste.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 1452011-10-19 Racks Review 148

We have WeiZhi (aka KampungBoyCityGal) and Rebecca Saw presenting the massive ribs and non-stop picture taking of the pork ribs before anyone even get their cutleries into it.

Yeah – it is a GIANT full rack!!!! Definitely something to share between 2 person. Or, if you’re really hungry or up to the challenge, you can try finishing a full rack on your own. If you choose to try it alone, let me know – I’ll come watch.


The Drinks

There are a variety of drinks that compliments your meal that you definitely have to order when you’re at Racks. The owners were nice enough to suggest and serve a bunch of them for our taste.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 079

The “Molotov” shooter was served in a tray of test tubes. I am personally used to sweeter tasting shooters, so I wasn’t expecting anything crazy strong when I took one.

Boy – was this a waker-upper. I forgot what was in it (yeah – I just went for it. I’m crazy like that!) and I choked the burn going down my throat. *cough*cough*

Really. In spite of the unexpected “kick”, this is one shooter drink you should order! You won’t regret it. This killer drink will turn you very friendly and merry throughout the night. *wink*

2011-10-19 Racks Review 096

Watch them bloggers drink! Oh boy ~ can they drink!

2011-10-19 Racks Review 091

The second tray of shooters that we tried was cheekily called the “Test Tube Babies”. This one is much smoother down the throat and has a nice sweet combination that I like.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 085

Sorry for the shaky picture – but here’s Gareth (aka ShaolinTiger) and Kim (aka KimberlyCun) posing with the tray of shooters. Yep – excited, huh?

2011-10-19 Racks Review 101

Our last and third shooter of the night is the classic “Illusion”. You’ve likely tried this before and the ones served at Rack is a perfect mix.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 103

More photo shoots of the drinks from the bloggers.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 093

If shooters are not your thing, Racks serves a good selection of wines, liquor, non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Here’s a soothing glass of mojito that was ordered. The refreshing drink is a great accompaniment to the porkie dishes that you’re having.


Chef Paul James

2011-10-19 Racks Review 074

Racks chef, Paul James came out to greet all of us greedily digging into our meals.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 137

Paul explained the dishes that we got to taste and mingled with us, probably while we’re all a little tipsy from the shooters. Haha.

2011-10-19 Racks Review 169

Me – I am super happy with a porkie-licious meal. I LOVE cold cuts. I LOVE parma ham. I LOVE proscuitto. I LOVE PORK! I am a happy camper.

The night ended with all my fellow bloggers happy, stuffed and completely pig-ged out! Everyone was happy (I hope) and you can find some of their blog posts on their experience here:-

Disclaimer : I come to Racks a lot. I love the food here. I love the selection of pork dishes. I can predict that I will be coming here almost every week. You might probably see me when you come here.

Seriously! I’m not paid to say this.

So, if you’re a fan of pork ribs and anything pork, you should definitely check out Racks Bar and Baby Backs here at Changkat Bukit Bintang. Then, come back here, comment on my blog and let me know what you think.


Contact Information:-

(to be updated) Racks is located in Changkat Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur between Finnegan’s Irish Pub and Pinchos Tapas Bar.

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    1. No. It’s a restaurant / bar on a street of restaurants and bars. But if you sit inside, where it’s air conditioned, you should be quite clear of smokers usually at the bar or entrance al fresco area.


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