Samsung Galaxy S II funny US ad

I’ve been sharing this across all channels that I can because I really like this. In case you don’t follow me on Twitter here, Facebook page here or Google+ here, then you have to watch this NAO!!!

In US, Samsung Galaxy S II is about launching with every other mobile operator right about now. Yes it is a little delayed as Malaysians have been enjoying it for months now. Check out my full review here.

Check out this funny video for the Samsung Galaxy S II poking fun at the Apple iPhone 4S fanbois (and girls). It features a line of iFanbois queueing for the iPhone 4S. Then a few people with the Samsung Galaxy S II walks past and caught their eyes.

Samsung mocks them by highlighting several cool features of the S2. Namely – the larger screen, 4G, etc.

There are plenty of iFanbois lines in this short 60 seconds ad that I LOL-ed and loved…

  • “There’re 2 people leaving.” “Why are they leaving when we’re 9 hours away?”
  • “Uh-oh. Blogs are saying that the batteries look sketchy.”
  • “If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?”

I do like that punchline when one iFanboi said, “I can never get a Samsung. I’m creative.” and the guy next to him retorts with, “Dude, you’re a barista!”

Owwwhhhh – BURN!

I didn’t know that can do that in advertisements anymore – making direct comparison and poking fun of a competing product or brand. Well, I guess they didn’t really mention Apple and iPhone by name. It was heavily insinuated.

Although, it is featured in a side-by-side comparison when they talk about the screen size.

I LOVE THIS AD…. It’s funny. I love that it pokes fun at iFanbois! Looking at the bunch of people queueing and camping outside an Apple store like that – it looks pathetic, doesn’t it?

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