iPhone 4S launching in Malaysia (UPDATED)

iPhone 4S

The social media timeline is a buzzin’.

Yes – Malaysians will be getting their hands on the Apple iPhone 4S come 16th December 2011, that’s a Friday. So, I’m assuming there’ll be a bunch of Annual (read : Emergency) Leave taken that day so you’ll all be queuing to get your hands on one.

Maxis All 3 major operators (Maxis, Celcom and DiGi) just announced and launched their page for the upcoming iPhone 4S where you can now register your interest for the phone.

This is just a registration of interest, not a pre-order. Basically, this gives Maxis the operators an idea of how many devices to prepare for the launch.

Based on my sources, the pricing is yet to be determined – awaiting for the fruit company to approve the proposal. But you’ll likely have to sign your life away to a contract for 12, 18 or 24 months data plans.

If you’re into the hyped up Siri voice assistance (which will not work too well with our Malaysian accent), then go ahead to Maxis’ page here to register your interest or wait for more info from the other 2 operators. You get a choice of Black / White colour, 16GB / 32 GB or 64GB of storage.


UPDATE : As of midnight 12.00am on 2 December, all 3 mobile operators have officially announced (and subsequently included teaser banners) of the iPhone 4S available on their network.


Maxis’ Registration of Interest Page

Maxis iPhone 4S

Maxis’ Registration of Interest Page is here.

SoyaCincau also reported that Celcom has indicated that they will be the 1st mobile operator in Malaysia to offer the iPhone 4S. How that will happen given that it will likely be on sale at the stroke of midnight on 16 December has yet to be revealed.


Celcom’s Teaser Banner

Celcom iPhone 4S

Celcom has no Registration of Interest page, like Maxis. Only a teaser banner on their main website and also their Smartphone Microsite here. However, they did give the clearest indication of the availability on 16 December 2011.


DiGi’s Teaser Banner

DiGi iPhone 4S

Not to be left out, DiGi was the last of the operators to reveal their teaser banner on their main website here. Again, no further information was given other than the standard “Coming Soon”.

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