YouTube redesigned

YouTubeYesterday, Google announced a new look for YouTube on their blog here. Now, YouTube will start to look more like their parent company, Google.

Google is going through a massive round of cleanup lately. You remember when they changed Gmail to look cleaner with more white space and clean red and grey colours. Then, it hits Google Reader, etc and even the new Google homepage is going under the knife to look more like the new Google+ social network, announcing the removal of the persistent grey bar.

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In case you don’t know, this spring cleaning also involves killing some of their non-performing services like Google Wave and others.

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For the YouTube video creators

If you’re a content creator like me, you will notice quick pop-ups when you sign in to the new redesign that will walk you through the new look. It is rather drastic, with stark grey background and familiar pop of red navigations here and there.

You will need to configure the layout and enable some new features for the new design on your channel.

YouTube redesign 01

Pop-up walkthrough of the new design

YouTube redesign 02

Choice of layout type for your channel is available to showcase different info:-

  • Creator – Featured Video, with a list of featured playlist you created
  • Blogger – Like a blog post with reverse chronological uploaded videos. Helpful if you post regularly.
  • Broadcaster – Featured Video, with a group of featured channels you subscribe to. If you’re more of a viewer rather than creator, you get to showcase an overview of your favourite videos all over YouTube. Be a YouTube curator.
  • Everything – Featured Video, with a group of featured playlist and channels. Well, everything.

YouTube redesign 04

There’s a new “Feed” tab that allows you to post “Bulletin” aka Status Updates. Like Facebook’s News Feed, Twitter’s Timeline / Activity tab, Google+ stream. You get the picture.

YouTube redesign 05

The final “Video” tab will allow you to manage all your uploads and manage playlist.

Remember, the Playlist doesn’t necessarily have to be your own uploaded videos. You can add other videos you find on YouTube and create a playlist of it to showcase on your channel as well. For eg, create a playlist called “Best Cat Videos” and you can have a playlist of all the funny and cutesy cat videos that you like all over YouTube. You can then feature it on your channel.

YouTube Winnie

Once you’re done configuring and walking through everything, check out how your channel looks. Here’s mine. Again, click here to check it out on YouTube and click on that “SUBSCRIBE” button.

You can choose to revert to the old look if you don’t like the new design. But I’m sure you won’t get to keep it for too long, until YouTube forces everyone to switch to the new design.

YouTube redesign 08

YouTube also announced new Analytics, which is the updated version of the previous Insights. This time, it has more information on your viewers behaviour, visits, demographics, social engagements, etc. Gives you a much cleaner and more in-depth statistics of your channel performance.


For viewers only, not creators

As you now know how to create a playlist of either your own videos or other YouTubers’ videos, you can start maintaining your own channel without even creating your own videos. Be a broadcaster – It’s like being your own TV channel. Hence the branding of YouTube “Channel”, DUH!

YouTube redesign 06

The homepage features a clean 3 pane design. On the left navigation, you get a simple profile of yourself, followed by the list of channels you subscribe to. Middle content section shows all the new videos from your subscribed channels. Right pane is the usual ad and featured / promoted videos recommended for you.

Nice and clean, straight forward navigation like Facebook Google+.

YouTube redesign 07

You can go through your account on all the channels you subscribe to, check the boxes of the videos and add it to Playlist. Then, create a bunch of playlist and feature it on your channel. Eg, a playlist of “How To” videos, a funny cat video playlist, make-up tutorials, etc – anything you want.


The new redesign also feature a more integrated sharing to (surprise, surprise) Google+ and Facebook. You have always been able to connect your YouTube account to other social networks. Now, YouTube has made it much easier for you to share your favourite videos on Google+ and Facebook.

The new YouTube redesign also wants to be a whole online video community on its own. In my personal opinion, YouTube community are a very different breed than blog readers. When I first started looking into YouTube, I got so sucked in that I didn’t realise I spent hours watching videos after videos after videos. It can get really addictive.

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YouTube is also slowly starting to introduce premium / paid channels soon. It all starts in US (as usual) and eventually, you’ll be able to watch legit videos from TV and movie studios, either free or paid.

If you’ve been a casual, once in a blue moon YouTube viewer, it’s time for you to check it out more. Get yourself used to the features and community. It’s gonna be HUGE very soon. All you need to do is sign in with your Google (Gmail) ID and you can start subscribing and setting up your own channel.


If you’re still confused with the layout of this new redesign, watch this video here to watch all that YouTube has changed and how to navigate the new YouTube redesign.


Before you go…. go subscribe to my YouTube Channel NOW at *wink*

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