Facebook Timeline Launched For Everyone

About Timeline

If you’re a Facebook user (come on, who isn’t) and have never heard of Facebook Timeline (you must be living in a cave), then you need to check out the page explaining the service at http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline

This page will walk you through a quick guide of your new Facebook Profile Page.


Cover Photo

Here’s my activated Facebook Timeline, for my personal profile, not the Facebook Page for this website.

Personal FB Timeline

You can choose to use any of the pictures from your own photo albums, photos where you were tagged or upload a new picture. Check out this article for other creative pictures you can use as your new Cover Photo > 5 Ways to jazz up your Facebook Timeline cover.

As you can see, I have picked a very endearing picture a friend took of me and my little boy, Oscar (like his Facebook Page here) in a pool side party recently.

This Cover Photo takes up quite a lot of screen real estate on your new profile page.

You still have your Profile Picture at the bottom left corner. See the picture of me in a yellow / blonde wig with my Duff Girl uniform from Halloween last October?

Under that, there are some quick information about you on the left – including your Hometown, Relationship, Work, etc. On the right of it, there are several boxes showcasing your Friends, Photos you were tagged in, Location (I don’t like this one) and Likes.



Timeline Stories

This is basically your old Activity Feed. The massive change is that it’s now showcased in two panes chronologically – from the latest to the oldest. This includes all your status updates, links, photo uploads, etc that you’ve ever posted on Facebook. Dating all the way back from when you joined Facebook.

Do take some time to vet through this, if you’re planning to enable the new Facebook Timeline today.

While only your friends can see your full Timeline, it’s also likely dangerous that they can see all your activities including those before you friend-ed them.

Some friends I spoke to hate this feature the most. TMI (Too Much Information).

Timeline dates

Look at the RED circled area on my personal Timeline. This basically groups all my activities by year / month. It showcased November and December by month and subsequently all the rest by year… all the way to “Born” which is my birthday that I had input into my Facebook profile.

Looking at the “timeline” like this does look kinda creepy for me. We all know that all these info is in our Facebook profile,  but to see it presented like this seems stalker-ish, no?



Timeline Apps

This portion apply mostly to users in US at the moment, since Facebook started announcing their “frictionless sharing”. Which basically allows FB users to connect their movie streaming accounts (on Netflix), music streaming (from Spotify) and reading apps (like Kobo).

In Malaysia, due to copyright issues, we don’t have all these media streaming apps yet. So, probably nothing you should concern yourself about now.

But when we do have access to these apps, this section of your Timeline will showcase all your activity with these services.


Activating Facebook new Timeline

Currently, Facebook allows you to preview and modify and customise your Facebook Timeline once you enabled it here at http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline by clicking on the “Get Timeline” button.

It allows you 7 days to customise it to your heart’s content before finally clicking on “Publish” to make it public to all your friends. Many articles online has encouraged you to screen through your “Stories” aka Activity feed with a fine toothed comb as you might not remember a once-embarrassing entry that you’ve posted yonks ago.

Unless you’re like me. My general rule of thumb is : “ALWAYS REMIND YOURSELF THAT WHATEVER YOU POST ON THE INTERNET COULD BE PUBLIC” regardless of whether it’s a password protected information. As long as you live by the mantra to NEVER EVER post anything embarrassing, incriminating or offensive…EVER.

Whether you refused to activate and customise it now or not, please know that this will eventually be forced to all Facebook user’s profile page. There are no indication yet when this will happen. Better be smart, activate it now and start cleaning up your new profile page.


REMINDER : Your original privacy settings still stands. Only posts you mark as “Public” is visible to the public. Only your friends will get to see all the “stories” on your new Timeline.

Public TimelineThis is how my Personal Facebook Timeline looks like to the public (not my friends).


Go ahead and activate your new Facebook Timeline now!!! Or are you planning on waiting until it’s forced for all users and you have no choice?

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