Norton 360 v6 Give-Aways

Norton. How many of you don’t know that Norton by Symantec has been the industry leader and the household name for your PC protection?

Recently, Symantec announced Norton 360 version 6 – the best and latest cloud-capable, all-in-one PC protection software. All the changes from Norton Internet Security 2012 and more have now made their way into this new Norton 360 version 6.

Norton 360 version 6.0 highlights:

  • Norton Identity Safe – Secures, remembers, and automatically enters user names and passwords while protecting users from online threats.
  • Norton Management – Delivers advanced cloud-based functionality to manage select Norton products remotely for greater ease and control.
  • Bandwidth Management – Limits non-critical Norton updates when connected to metered networks to avoid using up monthly data allotments or causing overage fees.
  • Improved Backup – Faster and easier back up capabilities and tracking.

I was lucky enough to be provided a copy of the Norton 360 v6 for review. Without skipping a beat, I immediately installed in on my Ultrabook.

The user interface and settings are a lot more comprehensive that I’m used to. There are much improved versions of Identity security, especially with all the Social Network and Online Shopping happening these days. Other than the PC Security and Tune Up functions to improve your PC performance, the highlight has got to be the backup capability to a FREE 2GB Online Storage that comes with your Norton license.

Ahhh… You gotta love the gorgeous orange hues of Norton softwares that has served me well over the years.


Norton 360 is a comprehensive Internet security suite that combines Symantec’s proven, industry leading security technologies with online identity protection, online and local backup as well as tune-up capabilities to securely manage your life online.


Norton 360 v6 is now available for purchase at a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of RM 229, which includes protection for up to 3 PCs and a FREE 2GB online storage space. For more information, visit the Norton Update center at



Didn’t the blog title say something about a “give-away”?

Yes, indeed.


I want to give you 5 (FIVE) Norton 360 v6 (full 3 PC license) for FREE

I feel bad enough of my constant inconsistencies in updating this blog, so I’m gonna just give you FIVE (5) Norton 360 v6 for FREE. No complicated contest slogans or purchase of anything necessary.

All you need to do is:-

  1. Subscribe to my blog via email here or via the sidebar navigation. (Bonus if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook)
  2. Share this blogpost via Twitter or Facebook publicly to your friends.
  3. Comment below with the link of your PUBLIC share.

Contest ends on : this Sunday!!! 15th April 2012.

Winners will be picked randomly and will be announced here on this blog post on Monday, 16th April 2012. So, check back to see if you won.


Update 21/4/2012 : Winner Announcements

 The contest has finally ended. Appreciate all your shares on Social Media, although not all of you were too interested to get free GENUINE Norton 360.

So here are the winners…. NETSTER, Nicholas Yip & Kevin – you all won a Norton 360 v6 each!!!

I’ll be emailing you all individually on this. Thanks for all the support, shares and participation!!!


Update 30/4/2012 : Round 2 Winners

I still had 2 more copies to give away. So I did another round of Twitter announcements and the next 2 person who retweeted me, subscribed to my blog and commented with the shared link, immediately won!

Congrats Becky and Trecia!!! I sent you an email and congratulated you on your comments as well.

Thanks for the support, and finally some girls won something!


PS. Thank you Symantec Corporation for the freebies and for making this contest possible. Most importantly, for making me fall in love with Norton again and again…

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