Online Shopping Site Review : ZALORA Malaysia

If you have been following me on my Twitter, you would likely see a lot of tweets about ZALORA Malaysia from me. If you know me personally, then you’d know that this post might come a little bit biased. Nevertheless, for those of you who have not heard about the latest online fashion shopping craze, you really have to check out the No. 1 Online Fashion Destination that is ZALORA Malaysia.

Honestly, I have never been one to shop for fashion online. I am an avid shopper online but mostly gadgets and tech. I shop a lot on and loads of US or UK based sites when I’m on the hunt for tech. I have a VPost freight forwarding PO Box to allow me to purchase goods from US or UK only sites.

But I digress…

Those of you more tech savvy folks, will be used to shopping from US and UK sites. Whatever your goods may be. The market for a large scale and reliable e-commerce site is far and few in between. Sure, with tech, you have, and others, but with fashion, Malaysian have only had blogshops and FB Page stores.

Now, we have something local to turn to. ZALORA Malaysia hails from a European investment firm with hundreds of successful e-commerce businesses around the world.

ZALORA is the South East Asian brand for fashion e-commerce with presence in 8 countries – Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan. When you go to, you’d be redirected to the country that you’re located. So, in Malaysia, you’d be directed to

ZALORA Malaysia

When you land on you’d see a giant carousel banner showcasing all the great promotions, brands, products and more. The site is a ginormous catalogue of (takes a deep breath) womenswear, menswear, kidswear, traditional wear, sportswear, shoes, accessories, beauty products, lifestyle products and more (exhale).

There are also sections specifically dedicated to New Arrivals, Sales items, Under RM100 and Trends


What makes different?

Honestly, the biggest killer is the fact that they are the Fastest growing and definite No. 1 large scale online fashion shopping site in Malaysia. In every sense of the word.

  • 600+ brands and 30,000+ products today. Launched only in April 2012, they’re technically less than a year old. 3 month old to be exact. Impressive for such a young company.
  • Before their launch, the market has never had any large scale fashion e-commerce site in Malaysia. Ebay, Amazon, Zappos, Topshop, ASOS, etc are all not local, you know.
  • They’re at least 10 times larger than any blogshops in the country. Just compare the list of brands on this blogshop and ZALORA Malaysia‘s brands.
  • Super accelerated growth from a 3 man shop when they went live in December 2012, to over 300 employees today. ZALORA Malaysia now has a local office and massive warehouse, with super aggressive marketing efforts.
  • AWESOME-sauce value added service that no local online stores have offered before. Such as FREE nationwide delivery, 30 day FREE returns, Cash on Delivery (for fashion), Phone orders (for those with spotty internet) and more…


What’s their product catalogue and prices like?

There’s definitely something on ZALORA Malaysia for everyone. Whether you’re into high end luxury brands (Prada, Marc Jacobs, Prada, D&G), recognisable international brands (Havaianas, Nine West, Steve Madden), local designers (Jovian Mandagie, Tom Abang Saufi, Zang Toi), hipster high street brands (Pestle & Mortar, Chic Yamada, Christy Ng), sports brands (Nike, Puma, Reebok, Rip Curl), beauty products (Elianto, Yves Rocher, Stage), there’s definitely something for everyone.

Literally thousands of women’s shoes

Like any normal woman, I go crazy over shoes. I have a collection, some say rather big collection, but I know it’s never enough.  At, at the point of writing this post, there are over 3200 women’s shoes alone. *panting*

If you can see from this screenshot above, you can choose to narrow down your selection by the type of shoe, price range, brands, and more. At the point of writing this post, the cheapest women shoes are a pair of flip flops at RM 12.90 and the most expensive is a pair of Zang Toi strappy heels selling at RM 1,290. You see, there’s definitely something for all price ranges.


Me shopping with



I just got paid my salary and I went shopping. Yes, bad Winnie…

But hey, in my defense, I was doing it so I can grab screenshots for you, my readers.

Browsing the catalogue

Go through the site’s top bar navigation, select the categories and browse through the catalogue. When you see something you like, you can choose to hover your mouse / cursor over the image and it will show you the product image slightly enlarged. This will also show you other available colours and size availability of the product.

Quick view pop-up

Click on the “Quick View” button will show a pop up of the product in more detail.

Product description page

Alternatively, you can also click anywhere else on the product to come to the Product Description page. Here, you can view the different angles of the product in various images. You can also hover your mouse / cursor over the image and it will show you a zoom in view of it.

If you like it and wanna buy this, select the colour and size of your preference. Also, note that the estimated delivery time is stated at the description. In this case of the screenshot above, this product is delivered the next day!!! Woo-hoo.

Here’s how your cart looks like

As you continue browsing and shopping, add on more and more products to your “cart”. As you can see here, I went a bit crazy.

Here’s a little tip, that I practice when online shopping : go ahead, browse and add any items you fancy into the cart. Once you’re done shopping, go back to your cart and clean it up by removing items you’re having second thoughts on. In ZALORA’s case, you can even add them into your “Wishlist” if you’re unsure and want to KIV it for later.

Cleaned up Cart page

After more browsing and cleaning up, here’s how my final cart looks like. Only 2 products left.

Thankfully for me, both products promises next day delivery if I order them before a certain time. However, if your shopping cart contains items with different estimated delivery time, ZALORA Malaysia will deliver them to you in separate shipments, with no extra charge. It’s FREE nationwide delivery, remember?

If you have a discount voucher from any of ZALORA Malaysia‘s partners or marketing efforts, you should key it in here. Then, click “Proceed to Checkout”.

Checkout Page where you fill all your info

If you haven’t signed up to the site yet, clicking on the “Checkout” button will prompt you to signup / signin. If you have, you’ll come to this Checkout page where you will need to fill and verify all your info. From billing and delivery address (billing to your home, deliver to your office?), your preferred payment method (Credit cards, PayPal, Online banking, Physical bank transfer, Cash on Delivery) and verification of products in your shopping cart.

If you forgot to key in your discount voucher, here’s another chance to do so. Oh, see the “Where did you hear about us?” drop down menu selection? You should fill this in, too.

Then, click “Checkout”.

Online Banking processing page

Depending on your preferred payment method, the next page will be different. I chose Online Bank Transfer, so I have to complete through this iPay88 page.

Success!! My order is received!

Once your payment is complete, you’ll see this “Order Received” page. This shows a “Thank You” note and acknowledgement that your order is received and your order number.

See that box I highlighted there? Yeah – if you haven’t already, fill in this “Where did you hear about us?” section and you might win a weekly lucky draw prize!!!

Under your Accounts settings, you can view your order details

You can always log back into, go to “My Accounts” section, click on “My Orders” and you’ll see the list of your pending orders. You can click on it for more info and note your Order Number, should you need to make any changes, cancellations or enquiries to their Customer Service team on your order.

See the highlighted box there? Yeah, if you signup to ZALORA Malaysia‘s e-Newsletter, you get an instant RM20 discount voucher to shop. In case you miss it, you can also click HERE.

You also automatically signup for their e-Newsletter with your first purchase.

Welcome and confirmation email for your e-Newsletter subscription

After signing up for the e-Newsletter, or making your first purchase on their site, you’ll get an email confirmation with the discount code that you can use to get RM20 off your next purchase!

OK. Now that I have made the purchase (a sacrifice for you, my readers, just so I can capture these screenshots), I am now super eager to receive my goodies.

Browse for more shoes…

CONFESSION! I continued browsing on and bought another shoe. *pout**grin*

I also went crazy online shopping at another site, which I will cover soon in a separate post. You know, this whole online fashion shopping thing is way too convenient and fuss free for busy people like me. Also good for people who, like me, hate to have to get stuck in traffic, find impossible parking space, fight with weekend shopping crowd, deal with unpleasant sales assistants, etc… and just shop in peace, at the comfort of my own home, in my PJs, on my laptop. Then, have it delivered to my doorstep. Bliss!

Are you an online fashion shopping virgin? If not, what other sites do you visit? If you do shop online, but not fashion, what do you usually buy?

OK. With this long ass post, as well as using my hard earned money to buy something just to get screenshots *ahem*, you guys should definitely just go and check out NOW!!!


Also, follow them on Facebook at or Twitter on or check out their blog at for more style tips, brand highlights, contests, promotions and more.

16 thoughts on “Online Shopping Site Review : ZALORA Malaysia

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    1. For a new startup, it’s quite common that there’s some hiccups in the beginning. I agree that they’ve had problems, but these days, and I’ve been ordering from them once in awhile, I’ve not had any problems.


  1. for 1st timers can use this code ZBAP1fa to get 15%disc . Others code is ZONLINE for 20% disc for selected items. i never got dissapointed with zalora, maybe some ppl are just unlucky.


    1. Unfortunately, they don’t. The Malaysian site ships only to Malaysia, Indonesia to Indonesia and so forth… If you’re in US, you should have plenty of other fashion sites options, no?


    1. I have bought too much stuff from Zalora to count – tops, shoes, dresses. So far, no issues with quality, but depends on the brand, of course. If it’s too cheap, then you know the quality is not the best!
      Good luck!


  2. Hello Zalora Fans,

    Here’s a 15% discount code for all of you: ZBAPXHK

    – no minimum spend required

    – applicable to already discounted items (means you get extra 15% for discounted items somemore!)

    – no expiry date (so everyone can use!)

    BUT: you need to sign up a new Zalora account to use this code. I’ve several Zalora accounts myself because I sign up a new account to use this code for each purchase.



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