Samsung Galaxy Note – S Pen Demo (Part 2)

Thanks, guys – for staying tuned to my YouTube channel or my blog for Part 2 of the S Pen demo.

In case you haven’t seen it, check out Part 1 of the S Pen demo on S Note on Samsung Galaxy Note Premium Suite upgrade here at

Once again, just a brief intro:-

Instead of a full Android OS 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” upgrade, the Samsung Galaxy Note was updated with a mid-way upgrade called “Premium Suite” instead. A lot of the existing Samsung Galaxy Note users out there have likely done this upgrade today. If you’re one of them, how are you enjoying the phone now?

Did you know though, that with this Premium Suite upgrade, Samsung has included a bunch of new add-ons and updates to the S Pen to make your life much better.

Now, check out Part 2 of my video demo here…

See! Not only will your S Pen be handy for when you’re trying to write notes, keep track, send messages from your personal life, it’s also very handy for work. The usage possibility are endless. I didn’t quite manage to show you ALL of the features in these 2 videos.

Yes, there’s much much more.

I’ve only demonstrated some ideas, but I’m sure you’ll play around with it and learn more ways how the S Note and S Memo app can help you with your life.

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