Restaurant Review : Rintang @ Chalong, Phuket

A few months ago, I was in Phuket for a weekend for a dear friend’s Hen Weekend. While there, we stayed in a lovely villa, soaked in some sun and sea and had some delicious Thai food. Considering we were staying rather far from town, we were recommended to check out Rintang at Chalong, near the Chalong Temple (Wat Chalong).

After going around in circles around Wat Chalong, our driver was confused, Google Maps was also not much help. If not for recommendations, we would not have found the place. The only direction cue we have is that the building is next to the temple and it’s orange. After a few U-Turns, we found the orange building that is Rintang @ Chaleng.



The entrance to the restaurant is located just across from one of the entrance / exit for the temple, just next to the lake.

The restaurant actually shared the same building as a mini market / souvenir shop. But yep – orange building.

You can enter through the mini market / souvenir shop (top left picture), or through the side (bottom left picture).

Interesting decorations

There are some interesting decoration in the open space restaurant. Ceramic dalmations like thing with their head buried underground. ???

The open space seating overlook the lake. I can imagine the view being rather beautiful at dawn when the sun is setting.


The Food and Drinks Menu

I reckon they don’t get much tourists here. I could be wrong, but the staff here really don’t speak English very well. I also reckon most of their guests know what to order, and didn’t quite need to look at the menu.

We, as tourists, of course asked for one. There are actually two menus. Apparently, you have to ask for “all” the menus.

Full menu with price (Click to enlarge)

The drinks menu was quite exciting as well, with a number of really good fruit shakes.

Thankfully for us, there were not too many people in the restaurant when we first got there, so food didn’t take too long to arrive.

Both the red and clear tom yum soup (THB 140 each)
Roasted Duck in Dry Curry (THB 200)
Roasted Duck Stir Fry with Hot Basil (THB 200)
Morning Glory Stir Fried with Shrimp Paste (THB 60)
Sea Bass steamed with Salt served with Bean Paste Sauce (THB 350)
Stir Fry Salt Pork (THB 120) I think…
Soft Shell Crab Thai Salad

Apologies for I can’t remember if I got the dishes and the price right. The Soft Shell Crab Thai Salad was awesome and one of the best I’ve ever had. I can’t seem to locate it in the picture I took of the menu, though. Sorry.

In fact, everything was super delicious at the restaurant, and not exactly expensive. We ordered double of some of the dishes, although there’s only 6 ladies among us. Everybody had their own favourite dish.

Food was so good, this was the aftermath of a bunch of hungry ladies…

To complete it all, I got to wash it down with this amazing looking (and tasting) Mango Shake.

Check out the awesome looking Mango Shake



If you’re ever in Phuket and is likely going to be visiting some temples (or not) anyways, go to Wat Chalong and then stop by at Rintang for one of the best lunches in Thailand that I’ve ever had in awhile.

Great Thai food, reasonably priced.

No reservation required, but you might have some difficulty locating the place. Or maybe, it’s just me and my ladies. 😛

Looking at all these pictures again after a few months made my mouth water… Ultimate food porn, am I right? *slurp*slurp*

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