Heads Up:TECH 4 – Skype, Gmail and expensive iPhone cases

It’s been awhile, but I’m finally back with my weekly tech news roundup YouTube video. If you’re not much of a techie, but just have 5 minutes to catch up on the tech news today, check out my weekly videos where I highlight the important tech stories of the week for you.

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For more information, here are the full stories and the respective links:-

Skype for Android, iPhone and iOS

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Awhile back, Microsoft acquired Skype for USD$ 8.5 billion in cash. Everyone was anticipating what Microsoft’s plans are for Skype and in the last couple of months, we’re beginning to see more and more integration of Skype with Microsoft – in Windows 8, on mobile and more.

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) will be retired (read: discontinued) for all users in Q1 2013. Everyone, except China somehow. You’ll no longer be able to use Live Messenger, which is why Microsoft is urging you to merge your contacts with Skype now. Now only will you still be able to do IM chats, Skype now allows you to do video calls as well.

Last week, on 20 Nov 2012, Skype for Android ver 3.0 is announced, which includes Microsoft login and a new tablet UI, which is in landscape model. This is odd, because most Android tablets have their camera at the top in portrait mode. This new Skype for Android also incorporates better audio codec, which improves the voice recognition in your video calls.

Skype for Android version 3.0 with new tablet UI in landscape mode

This week, on 28 Nov 2012, Skype updated iOS app, including the new Microsoft login and contact merge (Messenger, Hotmail, Outlook) as well as emoji / emoticon support.

Skype for iOS updated with Microsoft login & contact merge and emoji support



Gmail and Google Drive

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Last week, on 28 Nov 2012, Gmail introduced a new feature to allow you to add email attachment size up to 10GB through Google Drive. Google Drive originally allows every user a free 5GB cloud storage, much like Dropbox or iCloud.

Only available if you’re using the new “Compose” function, you’ll see a new icon for Google Drive which will allow you to attach Google Drive files you’ve uploaded. Intelligently, it will also prompt you if you’ve forgotten to share the file with people in that email list.

Side note : Google Drive is like Dropbox (free 2GB) or iCloud (free 5GB) cloud storage. Save files in the cloud and share it with anyone you like. Google gives you free 5GB storage of any file type.



Will.i.am “Genius Phone” for iPhone

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Last week, on 23 Nov 2012, Will.i.am teased his new product that can turn your iPhone’s 8MP camera to a 14MP shooter.

Will.i.am launches i.am+ iPhone accessories

Then, on Wednesday, 28 Nov 2012, he launched i.am+ iPhone accessories, that’s a camera case that turns your built in camera into a wide angle lens camera.

There are 3 accessories launched :-

i.am+ iPhone accessories
Basic C.4 model, 3 interchangeable lenses (GBP 199 (RM 970))
Vintage V.4 with slide out bluetooth QWERTY keyboard (GBP 299 (RM 1460) )

Both C.4 and V.4 are for iPhone 4 and 4S only, available next week, 6 Dec 2012 onwards in Selfridges in UK.

There’s also a luxury model, L.5 for the iPhone 5, which also comes with a slide out bluetooth QWERTY keyboard. Pricing and availability has not been announced yet, but it’s indicated that it’ll be on sale next year.

The interesting news on this launch, other than the iPhone accessories are super pricey, is that this Will.i.am’s joint project with Chandra Rathakrishnan, the notorious  CEO of Fusion Garage, who made Joo Joo tablet (originally Crunchpad with TechCrunch), Grid 4 and Grid 10 (under TabCo).



Bonus : Mistaken Nipple

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The funny news that Facebook accidentally deleted this picture, because they mistaken the woman’s elbow for her nipple.

If you don’t know, Facebook automatically removed any inappropriate pictures on it’s service. However, in this case, the suspicious elbow can be easily mistaken at a quick glance.



Question of the Week

To round up the weekly segment, my question for all you readers, viewers, listeners, are:-

Would you spend close to RM 1000 on an iPhone case, regardless of what it can do?


Thanks for watching and tuning in. Remember, if you enjoyed the post and video, please like, comment, subscribe and share this video. See you again next week for another Heads Up:TECH video.

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