Heads Up:TECH 15 – Google Keep your Apple Smarty-Watch

Another week of tech news update, and we’re on episode 15 of Heads Up:TECH – the 5 minute weekly tech update show for the non-tech savvy. This week, we cover stories on Google Keep – the Android and web note taking app from Google, Apple’s two-step verification for Apple ID and “Smartwatch” stories.

Check out the video below:-

For more details on the stories covered this week, check out these links:-

Google Keep Launch

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Google Keep

Early last week, we saw the leak of Google Keep as a note taking app / service from Google as a part of Google Drive. Then, a couple of days later, Google made it official. Google Keep was announced as a note taking service which comes with an Android app (mobile and tablet) as well as a web interface on http://drive.google.com/keep

Lot’s of comparisons to Evernote (the current, biggest note-taking, cloud storage service) at the moment. Because Google Keep is still a relatively new service, it’s very basic at the moment. Also, with the recent shutdown announcement of Google Reader in July 2013 (see the story in last week’s video), many are worried to get too involved with Google Keep, just in case Google decides to kill it in their next “spring cleaning” exercise.



Apple’s Two Step Verification

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Apple Two Step Verification
Apple Two Step Verification

In the continuous effort of increasing security to your Apple ID and iCloud account, Apple recently introduced two-step verification for your Apple ID. With this added security, you’ll receive a verification code either (SMS or “Find my iPhone” app) and you enter it to complete sign in. This service is now only available in US, UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, but will soon rollout to everyone globally.

Unfortunately, someone found a hack and managed to bypass this by just having your email address and your birthday, they could reset your password and mess with your account info. Apple has then found a fix for this and everything should be up to normal now. *tsk*tsk*tsk*



“SmartWatch” Watch

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Pebble smartwatch
Pebble smartwatch

Since the launch and shipment of Pebble smartwatch (a Kickstarter crowd-funded product), there’s been loads of rumours and speculations of smartwatches from other manufacturers. Apple’s iWatch has been rumoured for the longest time. Then, Samsung also announced that they have been working on one for awhile now. Google apparently has a patent on this as well. Sony already has one available on sale today. LG said they’re also working on a smartwatch, as well as a “Google Glass” type of device (See my previous episode on Google Glass).



Bonus Story

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This week, all I can think off is how excited I am to watch Star Trek Into Darkness soon. Because after a bunch of trailers (for different countries), they released a new International trailer recently. This one has all the dark bits of Benedict Cucumberpatch Cumberbatch and Chris Pine as Captain Kirk.



QOTW : Question of the Week

My QOTW this week comes after all the SmartWatch rumours and news from Apple, Samsung, Google, LG and more…

Will you buy a SmartWatch?

Let me know your thoughts on this wearable tech.


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