[Sponsored Video] Samsung presents PicsArt for Galaxy Note II

**This post has been sponsored by Samsung**

Everywhere I look, I see Samsung Galaxy Note II everywhere. When you initially thought “phablets” might not work, whether it’s because it’s too big as a phone, or stylus is an old technology, boy were you wrong. Samsung did sold millions of Galaxy Note II around the world.

Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung Galaxy Note II

As a refresher, Samsung Galaxy Note II is a 5.5″ HD Super AMOLED display, Android smartphone with a detachable S Pen stylus from Samsung.  Stylus pens are redesigned and reimagined with the Note series, including Easy Clip (crop images of any shapes), Air View (hover over folders / items for more info without tapping), Multi Window (open 2 windows/app simultaneously for multi tasking) and so much more.

For more information, check out the Samsung Galaxy Note II microsite HERE.

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Introducing PicsArt – full feature photo editing app

If you’re one of the proud owners and users of Samsung Galaxy Note II, then you’d be happy to know that Samsung is introducing us to PicsArt – a photo editing and art community.

PicsArt for your Galaxy Note II
PicsArt for your Galaxy Note II

If you’re one who takes a lot of pictures with your smartphone and like to use photo editing apps then you should check out PicsArt. It’s ultimately optimised for use with your Galaxy Note II’s S Pen with full photo editing features such as:-

  • Camera – enables you to take a picture and apply various effects.
  • Picture Editor – Tons of photo manipulations, masks, collages, frames, borders, stickers, text effects, clipart graphics, callouts, crop, rotate, color adjust, etc.
  • Magic Effects – awesome artistic photo effects such as a stenciler, cartoonizer, sketcher, Orton, Lomo, vintage, cross process, HDR, fattal, pencil, Holgaart, watercolor, contours, comic, neon, gouache, old paper, pastel, red eye remover, Popart 2, smart blur, face fix, color splash, paper, etc.and more!
  • Draw – Many drawing effects including: draw, sticker mode, callouts, artistic brushes and text styles! Draw on your Facebook friend’s photos and share. Advanced functionality includes layers and the ability to hide, rearrange order, or merge layers.
  • Sharing – share pictures with all major social networks or send photos by SMS and email.
Shini for Samsung Galaxy Note II & PicsArt
Shini for Samsung Galaxy Note II & PicsArt

Samsung released this video featuring Graphic Designer and UK’s Top 10 fashion blogger, Shini, on her use of PicsArt with her Galaxy Note II for photo editing, drawing and photo sharing. Shini is born in Seoul, raised in Warsaw but currently resides in London. Her blog, Park & Cube, talks about her design inspirations, fashion, photography and  other lifestyle topics.

PicsArt usage
PicsArt is perfectly optimised for use with your S Pen on your Galaxy Note II

Watch this video where Shini talks through how she uses her Galaxy Note II and PicsArt for her inspirations, photo editing and sharing. Using the S Pen, she can easily use Air View to select through multiple images on her phone, using PicsArt to crop, apply effects and filters, recolour and more. She also uses the S Pen to put a personal note on the photos before sharing on social media. You can also create a photo collage of a series of photos.
PicsArt is a full feature photo editing app. Also, it works really well with the S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note II. So if you have the Note II, be sure to check it out and optimise photo editing with the S Pen and PicArt.

PicsArt is available for iOS and Android (Google Play Store HERE) or FREE!

For more videos, make sure you check out Samsung Mobile’s YouTube channel HERE.

**This post has been sponsored by Samsung**

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