Restaurant Review : Circus @ Pavilion KL

After attending the ZALORA – KL Fashion Week showcase last Sunday, I met up with Hubby and friends at a new restaurant in Pavilion, KL called Circus. The restaurant serves Western dishes with occassional lunch and buffet promotions, along with a wide selection of cocktails, wine, champagne and other alcoholic / non-alcoholic drinks.

Circus @ Pavilion - Main Entrance
Circus @ Pavilion – Main Entrance

Circus Lounge & Bar is a somewhat new restaurant at the end of the street level walkway at Level 3 with all the bars and restaurants, towards the bridge to KL Convention Centre. Because it’s been awhile since I roam over to this side of Pavilion, it’s a pleasant surprise to see this gem of a restaurant in Pavilion. Just opposite Coffee Bean and MyNews newstand and next to Press Room (I also didn’t know there’s a KL branch of BSC’s Press Room here), Circus’ location is a bit detached from the more hectic section where La Bodega and Starbucks are.



The interior decor of Circus is nice and comfy, with a long bar on one wall and lots of seating area of square tables and chairs on the other.

Circus Pavilion Review 006
Circus’ interior is nice and comfy

There are ample seating, whether square tables, a couple of sofa seating by the entrance or an elevated section at the back.

Circus Pavilion - Interior
Interior and decor of Circus, Pavilion

There’s a small stage with music instrument at one corner. At nights, this place turns into a lounge & bar, with live music and jazz performances. More details on this later.

Circus Pavilion - Back elevated section
Elevated section at the back, with sofa and huge window

Walk towards the back of the restaurant, you’ll come to an elevated section with sofa and table seating, and a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking Jalan Raja Chulan and the bridge to KL Convention Centre. I love bright sunlight coming in when it’s not a scorching hot day. Unfortunately though, when I was there, KL was hit with this crazy haze and looking out the window reminded everyone how bad the air pollution is outside. 😦

On normal days, I can see this corner being my favourite nook to chill.

Circus Pavilion Review 012
Nice goblet / wine glass looking chrome hanging lights


The Menu

Circus serves a selection of Western dishes like sandwiches, salads, steaks, pastas and more.

Circus Pavilion - Food Menu
Circus Pavilion – Food Menu (click to enlarge)

Appetisers and salads range from RM 19 to RM 38. Sandwiches and burgers range from RM 26 to RM 35. Main courses, such as Fish and Chips, Rack of Lamb, goes from RM 32 to RM 58, while pastas range between RM 29 to RM 44.

There’s an excellent wood fire oven, which we all know makes excellent and delicious pizzas. Prices for pizza range between RM 28 to RM 38.

There’s a selection of steaks, with fine cut meats, from Filet Mignon to Wagyu Tenderloins. These can get quite pricey, anything between RM 55 to RM 125 (Wagyu, baby!).

Circus Pavilion - Drinks Menu
Circus Pavilion – Drinks Menu (click to enlarge)

The drinks menu is where you see Circus shine as a Lounge and Bar. The cocktail selections are aplenty, all with weird and funky sounding names. What I like though, is the visual representations of the respective cocktails, so you get an idea whether the drink comes in a high ball glass, martini glass or it’s a shooter drink.

Circus Pavilion Review 007
Wine cellar at the back of a sofa seating at the right side from the entrance

There’s a good selection of wine as well. Apparent with the wine cellar section on your right, when you walk in the entrance.

You also get a good selection of champagnes. *grin*

Circus Pavilion - June 2013 Executive Lunch promo
Circus Pavilion – June 2013 Executive Lunch promo (Credit : Circus Facebook Page) (click to enlarge)

Every month, Circus has an “Executive Lunch” promotion from Mondays to Fridays for RM 35 nett. These promos includes a starter, a main course and a soft drink. You can also choose a sandwich and a soft drink set for RM 30 nett.

Check out Circus Facebook Page and their promos at


Food and Pricing

I was there on a Sunday, where they have a promotion for their Sunday Brunch buffet. The selection includes a good selection of starters like cold cuts and hams, salads, oysters; and some Sunday roast selection of hams and roast beef.

The Sunday Brunch buffet costs RM 88++ per pax.

If you’d like to have champagne with your meal, it costs RM 288++ per pax. I personally feel it’s a little steep (RM 200 more for champagne?) but I noted that they were serving Moet & Chandon champagnes that are free flow throughout your meal.

I was also informed that you can top up a few hundred bucks more (I can’t remember, but I think it was RM 600 more) for free flow of Dom Perignon instead of the (ahem, cheaper) Moet.

Personally, I passed on the Sunday Bunch buffet and went for a la carte meal instead.

Circus Pavilion Review - Deep fried Calamari
Deep Fried Calamari (RM 25)

The Deep Fried Calamari (RM 25) that I ordered as a starter was nice, crispy and delicious. The dip and small salad complemented the dish very well. The squid were not too chewy and I was happy that it was not covered in too much batter.

Circus Pavilion Review - Seafood Linguini Aglio Olio
Seafood Linguini Aglio Olio (RM 39)

Whenever I’m eating Italian or pasta, my go to meal is Spaghetti Vongole. I love those clams.

The alternative, is a Seafood Aglio Olio of some sort. I was happy to see Seafood Linguini Aglio Olio (RM 39) on the menu. After deep fried calamaris, I had more seafood of this pasta dish with squid, prawns and scallops. It was another delicious dish.

The scallops were rather small, but perfectly cooked. The pasta is nice and al dente and flavourful. Squid was a bit chewy though.

Circus Pavilion - Wood Fire Oven
Wood Fire Oven Pizza at Circus Pavilion (Credit : Circus Facebook Page)

As mentioned earlier, and seen in the menu, Circus serves wood fire oven pizzas. I didn’t order any, but did spot the pizza in another table. Looks good. Made a mental note to try it next time, even though I’m not exactly a pizza fan.

Circus Pavilion Review - Dessert display
Desserts on display for buffet or a la carte

Whether you’re eating the Sunday Brunch buffet or ordering a la carte meals, desserts are from the display selection. The selection varies depending on when you’re there, but when I was there, I saw a selection of brownies to red velvet cakes to flans and more.

Circus Pavilion Review - Red Velvet Cake
Red Velvet Cake (RM 18)

Hubby ordered the Red Velvet Cake as a part of his Sunday Brunch buffet. It costs RM 18 as an a la carte dessert.


Activities at Circus

Circus is a Lounge and Bar, after all.

Circus Pavilion Review - Stage
Small stage for jazz performance and live music

The small stage in one corner of the restaurant is used for live jazz music and performances at night.

This is when the bar and night life kicks in and gorgeous people convene to listen to some good live jazz music.

Circus KL - Live music for June and July 2013
Circus KL – Live music for June and July 2013 (Credit : Circus Facebook Page) (click to enlarge)

For more info on the performances details, check out their Facebook Page here.



I like Circus Lounge and Bar. Food can get a little pricey (from RM 19 for starters; to RM 125 for a Wagyu steak) with meals averaging RM 30+ per dish. But I like the ambiance of the restaurant.

It’s the kind of place that is comfortable for a chilled weekend lunch and (alcoholic) champagne drinks with your friends.

I have a feeling I might be coming back again one day to try their other dishes. Perhaps an easy weekend night out to listen to some jazz music one day?

Hubby likes it, but didn’t think the food was good enough. Just can’t quite get up to to paying RM 288++ for a champagne buffet, really.

Have you been there? Tell me what you think?


Address :

Circus Lounge & Bar

Lot No. : Lot C3.10.01B, Level 3

Facebook Page :

Tel : +60 (3) 2141 6151

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