Mom’s Birthday Dinner at Fong Lye @ Gardens

There’s been a lot of tech blog posts written and I’ve not posted a personal / journal posts in awhile. So, I want to write about the recent birthday dinner for my awesome mom last Friday.

When I was younger, whenever I need to fill in any forms for school, for the section for mother’s age, my mom has always told us she’s 38 years old. For many many years throughout my primary (and sometimes secondary) school days, I gave up asking my mom about her age, it was automatically 38 years old.

Mom's Bday_FB post


Last Friday, I wished my mom on Facebook (yes, I’m connected to my mom on Facebook) on yet another 38th birthday!!! *grin*

We celebrated with our usual family dinner, including our immediate partners, spouses and children, at Fong Lye in Gardens Shopping Mall.

Fong Lye @ Gardens - Food
Dinner was delicious Taiwanese food at Fong Lye @ Gardens


It’s my second time dining at Fong Lye @ Gardens with my family. The restaurant serves Taiwanese food and is non-halal (porkie pork la). The place is always packed. Every time we’re there, we have to take a queue number and wait for a table to be seated. This time round, the wait took about 25 minutes because we were somewhat a big group.

A few months ago, I won an iPad from a conference I attended. One of the very few times I won anything, because I’m usually quite unlucky. I gave that iPad to my mom. She loves it and have been using it to take pictures for immediate upload to Facebook. Yes – she’s one of those people who takes pictures with an iPad!

Mom's 63 Bday Dinner
Birthday presents from me and my brothers (Didn’t mean for the Coke product placement)

Because she’s starting to get a little more tech savvy with the iPad, me and my brothers got her an iPhone 5 for her birthday present.

Mom's 63 Bday 004
Mom with her new iPhone 5

Mom’s very happy with her new iPhone 5. It’s not gonna be easy for her to learn how to use her very first smartphone, but with my brothers and her sisters using iPhones, and her slow familiarisation with the iPad, it won’t take her long to learn the iPhone.

As an Apple hater myself, it’s uncomfortable for me to buy her an iPhone instead of an Android smartphone. Ultimately, I have to admit that iPhone is much simpler and easier for my mom to use than an Android phone. She’s already used to the iPad, so it’s only a natural smartphone to get. She can now put away the 6-7 year old compact camera I got her, and use the iPhone 5 camera instead, for her daily pictures of her grandchildren and for vacations.

Mom's 63 Bday 003
Mom with her grandchildren, Christopher (left) and Jared (right)

After activating her phone later that night, she’s starting to play around with it more. I hope she loves her present, which she tells me she does. I’ll spend the next few weeks teaching her about WhatsApp, iCloud backup and more. And to figure out how to transfer contacts and photos from her old Series 40 Nokia feature phone to the new iPhone 5. Urrrghhhh.

HAPPY 63rd 38th BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!

As with most family outings when there’s a baby around, the adults coo-ed and played with my nephew, baby Jared.

Mom's 63 Bday 005
Baby Jared wearing Hubby’s Rayban aviators

So, Hubby puts his Rayban aviators on baby Jared. I even posted a picture on my Instagram.

See the Top Gun baby!!!!

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