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In case you didn’t know, I love online shopping. I buy shoes and clothes (from ASOS or ZALORA), gadget and accessories (from Lazada, ebay) and the occasional Amazon, ThinkGeek and other specialty site purchase from the US. So, when I found out about, I was excited to find out more. is the latest local premium online entertainment shopping and auction site for online shopping deals, offering the best products ranging from gadgets. photography gears, lifestyle products and more. website website works on a pay to bid process for brand new items with savings from 60 – 95% off retail price. recently introduced the ZERO RISK AUCTION, where you get a full refund of all bids used simply by buying the same item you bid on at full price within 7 days of the auction end.


Register online at

When you visit website, you’ll land on the Auction section. To start bidding on products that you like, you’d have to register first, of course. - Register
Register on - Profile
Fill in your profile info for your Auction bids

You have to be above 18 years old to register for an account to start bidding on Each household can have a maximum of 3 accounts. - Email confirmation
Confirm your email

You’ll receive a confirmation email. All you need to do is click on the “Complete my registration” link to confirm your email. - Welcome
Welcome email once you’re done with registration

Once you’re done with registration, you’ll receive a Welcome Email informing you of a successful registration, and you can start browsing and bidding for items on the site.


Auction section and buying tokens

If you’re new to the site, there are handy Quick Start Guides to teach you how to navigate the site. For future references, you can always click on the “I’m New” tab on the right of the site. There’s also a “Help” tab, should you need any help while you’re browsing the site. - Home Page (I'm New, Help tab) – Home Page (I’m New, Help tab) - Quick Guide – Quick Guide

You need to pre-purchase tokens that are used for your bids. Click on “Buy Token” to purchase tokens to start bidding. You can also go to “How It Works” section at the footer of the site here.

At registration, you’ll be rewarded with 10 FREE tokens to get you started. - Buy Tokens – Buy Tokens

You can purchase your tokens wither via credit card, online bank transfer or bidding for Token Packs. Tokens have expiry dates though, complimentary tokens expires in 7 days, while purchased tokens expires in 180 days. - Token count
Easily manage tokens you have in your account

Now that you have your tokens, you can start bidding for products and services listed on the site. - Auction Item
Product Listing on Auction section

Browse through the catalogue of products under the Auction section. There are quick buttons for immediate bidding. Alternatively, you can click on the product to view more details of the product. It also shows you the list of people who have placed a bid on that product.

There’s an interesting feature to automate your bidding. This means you don’t have to check on the site every 5 minutes to check on your bid and constantly chase to outbid someone else. The dark grey box on the top right allows you to set your autobids. You just input your lowest and highest bid along with the number of times to bid.

Here’s how an Auction on works:-

  1. Each time you click to bid, the price increases by 15 sen, and time on the clock increase by 20 seconds.
  2. Once the clock counts down to 0 seconds, the auction for that item closes and the last bidder wins the item.
  3. If you’re the winner, you’ll get a notification on the item description page.
  4. Click on “Purchase Item” to proceed with payment, of the winning price. You can pay via Mastercard or Visa within 14 days.

You can only id on 4 items within 14 days, excluding for the items that you’ve won, of course. - Bids
List of my bids

As shown on the top right corner, alongside your token count, I get to view the list of items that I’ve placed bids on. See my bids on gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets?

Come on – RM 0.o2 for a 500 GB hard drive, RM 1.03 for an iPhone 5, RM 0.27 for a Sony NEX-5R camera, I’d be silly not to bid.


Different types of auctions

There are different types of auction listed on the site, each represented by different icons. - Auction Type
Different types of auction represented by icons


Shop section on

In case I don’t want to wait for the auction to end to see if my bid went through, I can always opt to purchase the item at a discount in the “Shop” section. - Shop – “Shop” section

Remember the Sony NEX-5R that I placed a bid on earlier in the “Auction” section? - Shop Item
Shop item at the “Shop” section

I can skip the whole process of placing a bid on the item and waiting for the auction to close and just choose to buy the item outright.

Occasionally, the “On Sale” section showcase some good buys for some items within a certain promotional period, where you can purchase the item at an attractive discount. - Sales – “On Sale” section

As of writing, is having a “Crazy Gadget Sale” with discounts of up to 38% on selected gadgets.


Zero Risk Auction

So, recently introduced their “Zero Risk Auction” function. Basically, what it means is that if you didn’t win the auction on the id item, you get a FULL REFUND of the bid back into your account by buying the item at full price within 7 days of the auction end.

So, if I bid on the item, and then decide that the full price of the item in the “Shop” section is a good deal anyways, and choose to buy it, I get a full refund of all the tokens I spent bidding on the item.

No risk. No wasted tokens.

For more info, check out the “Zero Risk Auction” HELP section here.


Conclusion has amassed over 150,000 members on both their and site. They’ve also listed over 100 items in the “Shop” section of brand new items at great prices from reputable shops.

At the point of my registration and auction bidding though, there were less than 40 items on the site under the Auction section. The “Shop” section has about 60 items on sale though. From a pure online shopping point of view, that’s a good start. I understand though that the site is new and is growing its database of products.

From a product count perspective, they still have a long way to go. From a site feature perspective, the site has big images and icons and relatively easy to navigate and understand.

If you’re looking for a good deal, whether you want to bid for super cheap tech and lifestyle products or whether you want another good site to explore more online shopping, is definitely worth checking out.


(Exclusive) PROMO Code if you register on through

Here’s an amazing offer!

  2. Enter the promo code ” SALE ” when you purchase your Token Pack (of any value) for 30% off

The more people who click to register (from my link) and purchase tokens will allow me to win a prize.

Bosign Laptop surf pillow
Bosign Laptop surf pillow

But it’s not all for selfish reasons, coz if you register from my link and purchase your first token with the promo code, you’ll also get a chance to win the lucky draw of a Bosign Laptop or Tablet “surf” pillow.

Winner gets to choose either one of the laptop or tablet pillow. Rest your tablet or laptop on a cushion casing, and when you’re tired, simply convert it to a pillow for a quick snooze.

It’s limited to one (1) winner per blog, so one of you will surely win one Bosign Laptop or Tablet “surf” pillow.

Contest ends on 28 July 2013 (Update: extended to 10 August 2013)

I’ve placed 4 bids on items on the Auction section on already. Now, it’s your turn. Go ahead, register on this link, purchase your first token pack at 30% discount with the “SALE” promo code, and bid for products now!!!

Let me know your experience, what you bid on and if you won anything! Happy biddi

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