APPLAUSE for Gaga and ROAR for Katy (Updated)

I haven’t had much time to catch up on the latest in the music scene lately, except follow some entertainment tweets sporadically. However, I did catch the news of a couple of interesting music released this week.


Lady Gaga – APPLAUSE

It’s been awhile since the last album release from Lady Gaga. She has been through quite some drama off the stage in the meantime, from cancelled tour for a hip surgery to 24K gold plated “chariot” wheelchairs to #VuittonBrown hair and supposed Twitter feud with Perez Hilton, our Monster Mama is back with a new album.


The new album, titled “ARTPOP” was due to release with the first single titled “APPLAUSE”. The single was originally due to be released on 19 Aug 2013 (next Monday).

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New ink new album

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But due to early leaks, Lady Gaga was forced to release it almost a week early.

So, here it is – the latest (audio) single from Lady Gaga – APPLAUSE

I definitely hear some David Bowie, 80’s inspired tone in this. I’m not quite sure about it being a dance tune or something, but I have no doubt it will be accompanied with a killer music video… More Lady Gaga nakedness, perhaps?

Oh – In case you missed it, Lady Gaga also recently went stark naked, doing some spiritual meditations in the forest and wearing some weird accessories, in support of her friend’s Kickstarter campaign. Read about it HERE, along with the video.

[UPDATED] Today, the official music video for Lady Gaga #APPLAUSE is out!!!



Katy Perry – ROAR

On the other side of the entertainment news scene, Katy Perry also released a new single, titled “Roar”, off her new album titled “Prism”.


Just like with Lady Gaga, the new Katy Perry single, “Roar”, was also leaked online 3 days earlier than scheduled release. So, the record label went ahead and released it officially,  publicly to the Radio Stations et al, early, too.

So, there’s this new thing for music to be released first, followed by some “Lyric video”, before the official music video is shot and premiered. Today, Ms Katy did just that with the new “Roar” single. The cool thing with this is, the Lyric video was done in the concept of WhatsApp messages, filled with emojis. Check it out…

I’ve heard the song multiple times now, I think it’s quite catchy. Coupled with such a cute Lyric video, the quirkiness of Katy Perry and her whole brand never cease to amaze me. I think she got another hit here.

Yup! It’s gonna be a hit!

Unfortunately for Katy Perry though, the fans are not liking it that much though – saying the song was a little tame for such a fierce name and claiming that it ripped off Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” released in May 2013.

… which coincidentally, Katy Perry tweeted her love back in May when it was released.



So, what do you think of both these new music (and Lyric video) that as released this week?

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