Groceries shopping with Tesco Online Malaysia

Grocery shopping, something we all do. Considering I’m slowly beginning to learn to cook more at home, plus the usual sundries, toiletries and stuff, me and Hubby do a big shop once every 3-4 weeks. Because it’s usually a big shop, we haul home giant recyclable bags of groceries that sometimes takes 2 trips to and from the car.

When I heard that Tesco started their online grocery shopping PLUS a home delivery, I was super excited. Without hesitation, I gotta try Tesco Online Malaysia for my grocery shopping needs.

Tesco Online Review 002
Introducing Tesco Online at

Originally, Tesco started this whole online grocery shopping with Tesco Extra Mutiara Damansara catering to those who live within 20km radius of the store. They continued to tweak their online ordering, delivery fulfilment and service level and subsequently launched in Tesco Extra Cheras, Tesco Extra Puchong and Tesco Klang. After receiving overwhelming response and slowly perfecting the whole delivery service, they’ve now launched the service to more locations nationwide.

As of time of writing, Tesco Online is available in 38 cities nationwide and growing. Check the availability in your town or city at

A few weeks ago, as soon as I heard about the availability of Tesco Online Grocery Shopping in my location, I gave the service a try. With quite a big shop, including some heavy sundries like laundry detergents, floor cleaners, etc.


How To Order with Tesco Online

Tesco Online Review 003
Sign Up for a Tesco Online account

Once you get to the Tesco Online website at, the first thing you really want to do is Sign Up for an account. You’re gonna have to do this sooner or later anyways, so might as well get it done upfront.

Tesco Online - My Account
Tesco Online – My Account

You’ll be required to enter your name, email address, contact preference, delivery address, etc. You can maintain multiple addresses here for delivery – one for home, one to office or wherever you like.

Tesco Online Review 006
Browse the big selection of groceries online

The catalogue includes a huge variety of groceries from Fresh Food, Grocery, Baby, Chilled & Frozen, Drinks, Health & Beauty, Household, Pets and Home, Office & Gifting. I was amazed that raw and fresh food like chicken, fish and vegetables are also eligible for delivery. Awesome!

Tesco Online Review 005
You can also search for specific items using the Search bar

In case you’re looking for a specific item and don’t want to spend time browsing the categories and hunting for them, you can use the Search bar function.

Tesco Online Review 004
Your cart reflected on the right bar

As you shop and add items to your cart, you can view / edit them as seen on the right bar.

Once you’re done shopping, click on the “Checkout” button.

Tesco Online Review 007
Select your preferred delivery date and time
Tesco Online Review 008
Delivery time are separated by 2 hour slots

Pick your preferred time for your groceries delivery. You can pick anytime up to 3 weeks in advance! You can also leave any specific instructions to your delivery guy. For example, instructions on how to get to your place, if you want to warn them about guests rules in your condo, etc.

Tesco Online Review 009
Review your trolley of your purchase

Do a final check of your trolley of your purchase – remove items, increase/decrease order quantities etc.

Tesco Online Review 010
Select your payment method

At the moment, only credit card payments are allowed. However, because some item prices might vary, your final bill will be confirmed upon delivery.

Tesco Online Review 011
Order confirmed with Tesco Online

That’s it! Your order is confirmed and placed with Tesco Online. They’re now processing and picking your items to be delivered to you.

Tesco Online Review 012
Email order confirmation

Just in case, they’ll also send you an email to confirm your order details of Order Number, delivery date and time, along with the list of items ordered.

A few points to note:-

  • Prices and Final Bill may vary – Some items are indicative prices only and might change for the actual delivered items, which your Delivery Guy will advise accordingly. For example, this could be for weight-based Fresh Food mostly (like chicken, fish, vegetables, fruits etc) or it could be the item was a promotional price which no longer applies on the day of delivery.
  • Suggested substitute items – If the item you selected is not in stock, Tesco will suggest the closest matching items to what you ordered. You can then accept or reject the suggestion, which will subsequently affect your final bill. For example, if they ran out of Goodday milk that you ordered, they’ll bring along an alternative Marigold HL milk instead.
  • Edit /  Change / Cancel your order – You can still edit, change or cancel your order, up to 11 pm the day before your delivery day.


Delivery Guy(s) from Tesco is here!!!

Firstly, please make sure you’re home at the selected deliver date and time!

Tesco Online Delivery Trucks
Tesco Online Delivery Trucks are proper chilled trucks (Image Source :

To ensure that some of your chilled and temperature controlled items stay fresh, Tesco Online delivery trucks are actually proper chilled trucks.

Tesco Online Delivery 002
Tesco Online Delivery Guy with our goods!

On the day of my selected delivery date, my order arrived!!!! I ordered so much stuff that it required 2 Tesco Delivery Guys, along with a trolley or carton boxes of my shop. Also, they were actually about 30 mins earlier than my selected delivery time. I guess, they finished the previous delivery slot early. Lucky I was home.

Tesco Online Delivery 001
As indicated, the suggested alternatives

My orders are all packed in blue carton boxes, wrapped in white Tesco plastic bags. As indicated, some items were not available and the Tesco Delivery Guy walked me through the suggested alternatives. They’re placed in blue coloured Tesco plastic bags instead.

Tesco Online Delivery 004
Final bill of your order

Once you finalise and confirm all orders are delivered, including the cost of the suggested items you’ve accepted and rejected, you’re presented with your final bill. It’s itemized and includes all the suggested alternative as well as the final price of weight-based items.

All good?

Tesco Online Delivery 003
Final payment with a portable credit card machine

Upon confirmation, you present them with your credit card using their portable POS (Point of Sales) credit card machine for the payment.



I’m a happy customer. I am indeed very impressed with the level of service as well as convenience of shopping for groceries online with Tesco Online Malaysia. Specifically, this is handy for shopping of heavy items like toiletries and household items.

There are still items like fresh food that I’d prefer to shop in person (touch and feel an apple, perhaps?) but I would definitely continue to use Tesco Online services for future grocery shopping needs.

Go ahead and check out Tesco Online Malaysia at and give it a try!

What about you? Have any of you tried the service? Let me know your experience. If you’ve not, let me know why.

10 thoughts on “Groceries shopping with Tesco Online Malaysia

Add yours

  1. This service is convenient and I find that this GHS service are now covered many area. Also, based on my experienced this service only accept credit card or debit card payment when the driver reach my doorstep which got me assure without using any online transaction.


  2. Wow, Tesco has improved. Previously we can’t collect the clubcard points through online shopping and now we can collect points through online shopping. Love it ❤
    no more wasted points as previously was struggled with this issue whenever using Tesco online service…


  3. Still prefer visit myself rather than using online shopping heard that it a lots of problems. Like no stock but didn’t inform you and din’t notify on the website.


    1. For me, I never had this issue before. Like Winnie stated if the item is out of stock they will prepare alternative goods that come close with your choice for you to select. Either accept or reject, so for me it’s not a big deal.


    2. Purchase those heavy goods through online is just brilliant. lol but for fresh food better don’t. Or else you might stand a chance to receive rotten foods.


      1. If you really receive the rotten one, you can reject it. I did purchase fruits through etesco but so far I have not receive any rotten fruits. The tesco have special staff to help you pick up the fresh food and make sure that it is in good quality.


  4. too pricey for fixed 149 delivery fee then added fee for the shoppers fee that is more expensive because amount varies on the weight or numbers of your groceries.

    When the rider arrived he seems to be very tired, the rider said he is the shopper as well as the rider WHOA ! Duterte seems this company is abusive, check this out happyfresh Philippines
    Happyfresh#duterteallies #birph #doleph #SSSph #HUDMFph #malacanang #digong


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