Another successful year of 2013 Havana Halloween Costume Party

Last Friday, on 1 November 2013, over 600+ of you turned up to the 4th Annual Halloween Costume Party at Havana on Changkat. Yup – my fourth year co-hosting this with Havana KL and it was the biggest costume party yet!


Even with the party being held a day AFTER the actual Halloween on 31 October, the extended dance floor and club area upstairs, strict(er) door policy on FULL costumes for entry, car jockeys off work due to Deepavali celebration, it was rainy and traffic was congested… Even with all that, you all still came in your AMAZING costumes to support my annual party!!!!

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The queue was crazy downstairs, snaking all the way round the bar downstairs to the entrance of people trying to get upstairs to the party. We were so full, the club upstairs were at capacity and we had to turn some of you away at the door!!!!

For those who made it upstairs to party with me and the whole ghostly, ghoulish gang….


Once again, this is Havana KL’s biggest party night, and you guys managed to top yourself again with the crowd and crazy costume ideas. As I kept telling you before, this is the BIGGEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY IN KUALA LUMPUR and if we had unlimited space to allow everyone in, we would easily top over 2,500 people throughout the night in the establishment.

You guys are so FREAKIN” AWESOME!

Thanks to those of you who came to say hi to me that night… those who recognised me, those who followed my Instagram or Twitter and know what I was dressed as…




Pictures from the Party


(Image Source : Havana KL Facebook Page) Photo link

Pictures are finally up on Havana KL’s Facebook Page at and the Album link is HERE.

[fbalbum url=”″%5D

Note : Thanks to David Wong (Jeddi images) for the amazing pictures he took that night, which was live fed to the TV screens in the club upstairs, showcasing all these amazing people and their costumes.


Thanks to all your amazing costumes and massive crowd dancing away, it got tough to organise the Best Dressed showcase that night. Nevertheless, we picked 7 amazing costumes up on the DJ console and the crowd  (you) chose the Top 3 winners with your cheers and howls….

And our Best Dressed for the night, who walked away with RM 500 CASH prize is…

Guy in the box (Image Source : Havana KL Facebook Page) Photo link

I can’t tell you how happy I am that you all came and made this another awesome year of Halloween that was bigger than I can ever imagined. Thanks also to the folks of (likemind) and Meetup KL who came in a massive group, 2nd year running, to support my Halloween party. I hope to continue to see you guys again every year!

And for those who missed it this year, you seriously missed a crazy fun, and the biggest Halloween Costume Party in Kuala Lumpur!!!! It’s alright, I’m sure I’ll see you all again next year!!!


Most importantly – Thanks to HAVANA KL for allowing me to co-host the Halloween Costume Party every year at your establishment and the support in keeping everything sane and under control for such an amazing night!!!!

See you guys again next year!!!

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