Viber version 4.0 introduces Sticker Market and Push To Talk to iPhone and Android

Not too long ago, I covered the story on new updates for Viber for BlackBerry and Windows Phone here. Just yesterday, Viber made another major announcement on their service, this time with updates for their Viber for iPhone and Android apps, which includes a new Sticker Market, Push To Talk feature for voice messaging, optimised support for Android tablets and other enhancements.


As a refresher, Viber is a mobile app (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Bada, Symbian) and desktop software (Windows PC, Mac) service that allows you to call, send text / photo / voice / location messages using the internet on your mobile data or WiFi.

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Let’s take a quick look at the new features and announcements for version 4.0 update for Viber for iPhone and Viber for Android.


Sticker Market

Viber Sticker Market - Featured characters
Viber Sticker Market – Featured characters

Stickers are the big rage now in mobile messaging, especially popular in the Asian market. No longer are people sending emoticons or emojis – it’s all about giant emoticons, sometimes animated. Picture messages like this are so much more expressive than just plain text chats!

From the original success of stickers on Line (who reportedly made over USD $10 million monthly on stickers sale alone), even Facebook included stickers in their Messaging (chat) functions on mobile and web. Now, Viber who was originally stronger with VOIP internet voice calls, are now introducing their feature for stickers to boost their messaging service. The Viber Sticker Market allows their user to access a large library of free or paid stickers.

Viber stickers
New cast of characters in new Viber 4.0

These fun and playful stickers includes Viber’s signature characters, Violet which has been popular amongst Viber user. Today, they announced 2 new featured characters – Mayo and Blu, along with a bunch of other “cast members” with the new Sticker Market. In future, the Sticker Market will feature exclusive content for events, holidays, special occassions and more.


Push To Talk

Viber Push To Talk
Viber Push To Talk

Push To Talk is a function that allows you to send short and instant voice messages. Traditionally, to send a voice / audio message, you’d need to record and send. Then, your friend would need to download to play your audio clip. Viber does that all in one simple step, in a short amount of time. Tap to record your message, your friend will receive it as soon as you finish recording to play your audio in Viber without the hassle of downloading the clip. Think walkie-talkie!


Android tablets support

Viber for Android tablet
Viber for Android tablet

This new Viber update version 4.0 for both iPhone and Android comes with a number of other enhancements as well, such as message forwarding to group or contact, custom background gallery and group conversations of up to 100 participants.

Most prominently, the Viber for Android version 4.0 includes optimised support for Android tablets, adjusting your messages and chats view for the tablet form factor, similar to the desktop view. The new update also allows for other Android exclusive features like improved notifications for Android 4.0 OS and above, light up screen settings for incoming messages, and the ability to use Viber messaging even when on a Viber call.


To get your hands on the latest Viber version 4.0 for iPhone or Android, check out the following links:-

For more news and announcements, go to Viber’s website at and follow Viber’s Facebook Page at or Twitter at

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