Emcee-ing for GDayXKL 2013

Last Sunday, on 1 December 2013, I had the pleasure and honour to be asked to emcee the first ever GDayXKL 2013 event held at Taylor’s Lakeside Campus, organised by Google Business Group (GBG) Malaysia, supported by Google Malaysia. The event is a community run conference and networking session, much like the TEDx conferences, this is Google’s equivalent of the same community talks with tips, panel discussions and great insights in all things online, and Google products related.

This year marks the first year that the event is organised by the community, specifically managed by GBG Malaysia team. The theme on focus was all about startups, small to medium  sized businesses and students to learn about entrepreneurship, online business tips and tricks and how various Google related products and tools can help you with your business.

As a big Google fan myself (majority of my digital life is stored with Google), being a major Android fangirl, plus the fact that the topics of discussion was very much in my core competency (my day job is in the e-commerce space), I was thrilled to be a part of this event.

Waking up at 5.30 am to get ready to be halfway around the other side of Klang Valley by 7 am on a Sunday morning, though, is not how I pictured spending my weekend.  😦

Nevertheless, getting there, I got to meet and talk to the amazing organising committee members of GBG Malaysia, which are a fabulous bunch!

To kick start the event, that begun at 9am on that Sunday, I wanted the crowd to get a little more amped up and awake for the various programs and speakers throughout the full day of agenda.

Here’s a small trick I picked up from Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from their Mythbusters Tour – I got everyone on to whip out their smartphones and do a “photo-ception” – take a picture of me on stage, while I take a picture of them.

Here’s the picture I snapped of the crowd,  posted on my Google+ profile.

Subsequently, the audience are to post their picture on their Google+ profiles with the hashtags #gdayxkl and #gdayxmalaysia for several photo contests throughout the day. Here are some pictures of me, taking a picture from the stage.

What an AWESOME and obedient crowd!!!

Throughout the day, I continued to post pictures on my Google+ profile, as well as some interesting ones on Instagram (shared to my Facebook and Twitter as well).



The event, lasted from 9 am to a little over 5 pm and included joint and separate sessions for the “Business” track, organised by Google Business Group (GBG) Malaysia, as well as the “Student” track, organised by Google Student Ambassador (GSA) program Malaysia.

I emcee-d the event from the joint session with welcome remarks and keynotes from some Googlers to business leaders and organisers, then the rest of the day broke into several  panel discussions about how to start an online business, how to  promote the business, how to connect with your customers online, etc. All great tips for entrepreneurs, small businesses and new budding entrepreneurs. Not forgetting with a healthy dose of Google endorsements and tips as well. *wink*

The organisers wanted to keep the tone light, fun and interactive. Several times that day, I got the crowd chuckling, and even up on their feet for some stretches in between talks. The crowd was a fun bunch and getting the chance to speak to them while I was walking around was great to meet all these great people and hear their stories.

Shout out to Aman from Amanz.my who was also there at the event!!! Read his post here. Hello, fellow tech blogger!!! *waves*

It was a great sharing session, along with great interaction with the crowd with open Q&A throughout the panel discussions. Great session indeed.

GdayXKL 2013
Group picture at GDayXKL 2013 (Credit: Gene C G+)

At the end of the day, when all the program was over, prizes all given to winners, the crazy committee from GBG Malaysia and GSA Malaysia along with the audience members got together on stage for a final photo op.


For more pictures, please check out the GBG Malaysia’s Google+ album HERE.

I had so much fun that day. Got to meet great small and medium sized business owners, local entrepreneurs, Googlers and fellow online and Google enthusiasts.

In case you didn’t know, the GBG Malaysia team also organise regular seminars and workshops in a much smaller scale, with more focused and in-depth talks about various Google products and services for your business. If you want to know more about them, don’t forget to check out the GBG Malaysia website at http://gbgmalaysia.org/ or follow them on Google+ at https://plus.google.com/+GBGMalaysia


Well done to GBG Malaysia for organising such a great GDAYXKL 2013 event, bringing the community together!!! Can’t wait to be there again next year!!!! *wink*

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