Restaurant Review : Gasthof Grill, Boracay, Philippines

I just got back from my 10 day vacation, lying around the White Beach of Boracay Island in Philippines. I made a quick mental calculation that I have been to the island a total of 6 times – 3 of which were for the New Year’s Eve celebration.

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Every time I’m in Boracay, I get to sample all the various dining options the island has to offer. And boy, it was aplenty. One of the many restaurants that I dine in every time I’m in Boracay is Gasthof Grill for it’s delicious grilled seafood and meats. I was meant to write a review post on the restaurant after my visit last year, but sadly the pictures stayed in my laptop for over a year now, failing to make it to a proper blogpost. So, here, I’m sharing with you a quick review on Gasthof Grill.



As per my previous post here, I noted that the 4 km long White Beach houses all the beach resorts and hotels, street vendors and stalls, massage stations and a whole load of restaurants, cafes and bars. Gasthof Grill is situated smack in the middle at Station 2 (the busiest, central part of the beach).

Gasthoff Grill, Boracay - external
Shopfront of Gasthof Grill

There are both indoor and outdoor (al fresco) seating on the beach at Gasthof Grill, which gets really packed for dinner. Hence, reservation is advised, especially if you’re in a big group. However, you’d still be able to get seated if there’s only a few of you, and you don’t mind waiting a little, and potential of them running out of certain ingredients like crabs or ribs.

Gasthof Grill, Boracay - Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating, al fresco style (in the open) on the beach
Gasthof Grill, Boracay - indoor seating
Indoor seating can get stuffy, as it’s not air-conditioned

Unfortunately for us, this year’s trip falls smack in the middle of rainy season with rain (sometimes drizzle, sometimes pouring) and cloudy skies. Less than 5 minutes seated outdoor by the beach, the rain started and we were promptly moved to an indoor table.

Being a grill seafood and meats place by the beach, just like with Jimbaran in Bali, you don’t really expect to get all dressed up (it’s a beach!). I do advise you wearing something loose fitting and not white though, as you’ll likely be using all hands at some point in the meal, wrestling with crab claws and sticky barbeque ribs.


Menu and Pricing

The menu is a rather old binder of images and prices of food and drinks that’s likely not been updated in years.

Gasthof Grill - Menu

Gasthof Boracay - Menu Price
Menu items and pricing for food & drinks (click to view enlarged version)

You can refer to the menu for pricing and food to order, but the best advise is to head to the display of seafood and meats and pick your servings there.

*Note : MYR 1 is equivalent to PHP 13.62 based on the exchange rate at the time of writing. So, basically, divide everything in Philipino Pesos by 13 lah…

Gasthof Grill, Boracay - Raw seafood
Raw seafood on display – lobster, squid, fish, prawns 
Gasthof Grill  - Raw meats & seafood
Other marinated meats and seafood on display

There’s a wide range of seafood from prawns, crabs, lobsters, clams, quid, fishes; to meats like chicken, pork ribs, beef and more. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

Gasthof Grill, Boracay - staff weighing order
Staff weighing our giant prawns order

This flamboyant staff was very friendly and helpful with his recommendations on the best ingredient and style of cooking. He was more than happy to pose for my camera with the giant prawns we ordered.

Gasthof Grill, Boracay - negotiating prices
My friend, Jet negotiating our cooking style & pricing

Simply pick the ingredient that you want, discuss with the staff on your preferred (or recommended) style of cooking, estimate (and/or haggle) the pricing a little bit and take your seat while your meal is being cooked to your preference.

Gaszthof Grill, Boracay - Grilling
Sizzling grilling of food


The deliciously grilled food

On each table, there’s sauces and condiments to prepare for the meal you’re about to feast on. As with most Asian countries,  you’re not forgotten about the cut bird’s eye chillies (chili padi) with assortment of soya sauce, vinegar infused sauce and lime (for the seafood).

Gasthoff Grill - Condiments
Sauces and condiments

Service is rather quick here. Unsure if it’s because of my friend, Jet, the local hostess with the mostess, who has expertly taken over the Tagalog discussions with the staff? Our food took about 15 miutes to arrive at our table, on this busy night at a packed house. One dish after another.

Gasthof Grill  - Crabs
(Top) Steam crabs (Bottom) Spicy Crab

Their crab’s style of cooking is (obviously) different from what we Malaysians are used to. The basic steamed crab is great to just enjoy the sweetness of the crab meat itself, minus all the fanciful sauces. The bottom pic is their version of Spicy Crab, which is cooked with assortment of vegetables, chillies and taste equally good. However, still not as good as the classic Malaysian Chilli Crabs.

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Gasthof Grill, Boracay - Grilled Butter Lemon Prawns
Grilled Butter Lemon Prawns
Gasthof Grill, Boracay - Gasthof Back Ribs
Gasthof Back Ribs (Full PHP 700)
Gasthof Grill  - Food
Other dishes like grilled fish, grilled marinated pork chops, grilled quid and stir fry kangkong

The grilled foods are amazing. The grilled quid was perfectly cooked, not over- or under-cooked at all. It’s not chewy and has the perfect texture, tastes just awesome dipped in my chilli + soya sauce + lime + vinegar sauce concoction. *wink*

We picked some of the marinated meats on display and it was also perfectly grilled – slightly charred on the outside, tender and juicy in the inside. Nice!

The vegetable is stir fry kangkong. That’s watercress or water spinach or morning glory (in Thailand). Called kangkong in Bahasa Malaysia, also called kangkong in Tagalog. One of my favourite vegetables.


Images from last year’s visit

As mentioned earlier in the post, I also dined in Gasthof Grill and took some pictures last year, so here are some food porn pictures taken last year for your mouth-watering pleasure.



With all the food we ordered, which turned out to be more than the 6 of us can eat that night, coupled with a handful of beers, the meal came up to approximately PHP 6,600 (equivalent to RM 485). Which is not too bad, considering we still had plenty of leftovers.

Gasthof Grill, Boracay - Leftovers
Tonnes of leftovers – what a waste!

There are plenty of other restaurants along White Beach in Boracay that serves grilled seafood like Gasthof Grill as well. I can’t say that I have tried all of them, although we have sampled a couple more. We just keep coming back to Gasthof.

If you’re ever in Boracay, do give Gasthof Grill a try and let me know what you think.

Or, if you have been to Boracay before, and sampled some better grilled seafood joint, let me know which one. I hope to try it the next time I’m there.

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