[GIVEAWAY] Norton’s CNY Online Safety & Norton 360 Multi-Device Giveaway [UPDATED Winners]

Chinese New Year is coming at the end of this month, on Friday 31 January 2014. While my fellow Chinese blog readers are prepping for the celebrations, with your new clothes shopping, CNY decorations, snacks and tidbits and all that, here’s some quick tips from Norton by Symantec on how to ensure your data is protected as well.

This year, don’t let cyber criminals gallop away your festive cheer – be sure to take simple steps to ensure your devices and memories are well protected, and connections to your loved ones are not interrupted.

While most of us, if not all of us, have anti-virus softwares installed on our PC or laptops. How many of us take the same precaution to protect the data on our mobile devices like smartphones or tablets? Norton by Symantec has shared some very interesting facts and figures on this:-

  • Most of us don’t use basic protection for our smartphones or tablets – Almost half of Norton’s survey respondents don’t use basic precautions such as passwords, security software or back up files for their mobile devices
  • Lack of knowledge on mobile security software – Only 26 percent of smartphone users have mobile security software with advanced protection. 57% aren’t aware that security solutions for mobile devices exist
  • Surfing online exposes you to security attacks – 41 percent of adults who surf online have fallen victim to attacks such as malware, viruses, hacking, scams, fraud and theft
  • Mobile malware is on the rise – Mobile malware families increased by 58 percent in 2012 (Malware is malicious software that can threaten or compromise the information on your mobile device)

Personally, I’m guilty of being lax with this particular protection. Although I do real time backups of pictures via Dropbox Photo Upload and sync my data on cloud services like Google, there’s so much more that I can do to protect my mobile devices from security attacks when surfing online.


Norton Chinese New Year Online Safety Guide

Norton-360 Multi Device
(Image Source : TechBeat.com)

This Chinese New Year 2014, no doubt you’ll likely be taking pictures on your mobile devices. You might even be exchanging some contact information with your family and friends. You might be surfing the internet on your device to check on some stuff. You might be browsing and sharing posts on your social networks. All these, my friends, are online activities that can expose you to potential threats, causing you to lose some pictures, your data being snooped by some attackers, your phone being attacked by a virus or worst, you lost your phone!

Norton by Symantec shared these ‘Best Tips and Practices in Staying Safe Online’ to help you protect your data this festivities.

  • Think of mobile devices as mini computers – Treat your mobile devices as mini computers, make sure they have strong passwords, and ensure they are protected against theft and cybercrime.
  • Use a password and pin – Though it may seem a hassle to input a password every time you want to access your device, the benefits far outweigh the risks. If your device is ever lost or stolen, a password will prevent thieves from getting into your phone and personal information.
  • Turn off automatic connections to Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi networks – It’s best to turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions on your mobile devices.  Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technologies make it easier for cybercriminals to spy on your activities and transmit data to your device without your permission. Turn them on only when you need them and ensure that the network is secure.
  • Secure your device with malware protection – If your mobile device connects to the Internet, you’ll need security software to make sure you’re protected against online threats. Download a solution like Norton 360 Multi-Device that will protect up to five devices (including your mobile phone and tablets), regardless of platform or brand.

Every year, I change my online passwords (they’re strong passwords with uppercase, lowercase, number and symbols combination) and update my backup settings for various services. This year, with these handy tips from Norton, I’m giving the same priority to ensure my mobile devices are protected the same way.

If you’re like me, with your smartphone and tablet, over 80% of the tasks you do on your mobile devices are online – social media, browsing, etc – so you should definitely make some major changes to your behaviour and protect your devices with the above tips as well.


Protect multiple devices with Norton 360 Multi-Device

Norton, as you know is a name synonymous with data protection for your PC. You should also know, that Norton has solutions to protect your data on your mobile devices as well. And one of those products is Norton 360 Multi Device that enables you to protect up to 5 devices.

Norton 360 Multi Device

Here’s a quick overview of what this amazing software features:-

  • Multi-Device Protection – Single software ID protects up to 3 or 5 devices – PCs (compatible with Windows 8.1 OS), Mac, iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and tablets.
  • SONAR Behavioural Protection – proactively detect signs of never-before-seen threat files, remove and cleanup malware attempts so your system is restored to original state. 
  • Internet Protection System – Protects your online usage on websites and social networking sites from suspicious links and social networking scams.
  • Parental Control – Protect your kids’ online usage with direct access to web-based Norton Family
  • Faster performance – Improved boot time by 15 percent, install speed by 10 percent and memory usage during scan by 100MBs, resulting in the fastest and lightest performance yet.
  • Locate missing phones/tablets – The Scream Alarm feature alerts you to the location of a misplaced mobile device, and the Remote Locate feature pinpoints your lost or stolen device on a map.
  • Enhanced Norton Identity Safe Remembers, secures and automatically enters your usernames and passwords for you, with enhanced password management tool, including improved form filling, with drag-and-drop functionality and full vault searches available directly from the toolbar.

Norton 360 Multi-Device is available for purchase online or offline through Norton retailers, at the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of RM 189.99 (1 year protection, up to 3 devices) or RM 288.99 (1 year protection, up to 5 devices).

For more information, check out Norton 360 Multi-Device Malaysian product page at http://malaysia.norton.com/norton-360-multi-device/

Thanks to Norton Malaysia, I will be getting my copy of the Norton 260 Multi-Device in the mail soon, for my review. But you’re here for something else…


3 copies of Norton 360 Multi-Device GIVEAWAY

This is my second time giving away Norton software licenses – I did the same thing 2 years ago, giving away Norton 360 v6 to 5 lucky winners HERE.

As with the title of the post – I’ve got 3 copies of Norton 360 Multi-Device worth RM 288.99 to give away. This version being given away provides you with 1 year protection for up to 5 devices!!!

Here’s what you have to do:-

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Comment tips
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Contest ends on Sunday 26 January 2014

Winners will be picked randomly and will be announced here on this blog post on Tuesday, 28 January 2014. So, check back to see if you’ve won!!!

Now, get moving with the 3 steps to win yourself a copy of Norton 360 Multi-Device!!!


[UPDATED 28/1/2014 : Winner Announcements]

Thanks to all who participated in the Norton 360 Multi-Device Giveaway. Also, thanks to the new subscribers to my blog, those who shared the blogposts and liked it on Facebook, but didn’t participate in the commenting for the contest. All of your support is truly truly appreciated.

After going through the entries, here are the winners…


 James Seraj, Eng Seong and Mohammad Wasiullah

…you’re all getting a copy of Norton 360 Multi-Device, thanks to Norton by Symantec! I’ll be emailing you individually on this, so check your inbox and reply to me to claim your prizes.

Thanks for all who participated, those who didn’t but still provided the support and shares. Most importantly, thanks to Norton by Symantec for giving me another opportunity to giveaway the amazing Norton software on WinnieKepala. 

PS> Subscribe to WinnieKepala.com for future updates, contests and giveaways.



Click to buy

Norton 360 Multi-Device (5 users)

from Lazada Malaysia online


[button title=”BUY NOW” link=”http://goo.gl/liMCIq” size=”button-large” buttonColor=”button-blue” target=”_blank” ]


6 thoughts on “[GIVEAWAY] Norton’s CNY Online Safety & Norton 360 Multi-Device Giveaway [UPDATED Winners]

Add yours

  1. My tip is to use a good antivirus software like Norton 360 & to be careful of what you download and install on your pc. Thanks for the giveaway.

    #CNY #MYNorton #NortonHoliday

    Posted by James Semaj on Monday, January 13, 2014


  2. To stay safe online, you can:
    1. Use different passwords for various online accounts/profile you have. Never use the same passwords for different accounts.

    2. To easily manage your passwords, use password manager like F-Secure KEY (http://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/key)

    3. Use internet security software like Norton 360, not only to protect you against virus and malwares, but also help you to be secure in your online transactions which involves your financial accounts.

    Gong Xi Fatt Chai, peeps!

    Twitter: http://goo.gl/KgN9Cn
    Facebook: http://goo.gl/vXGXJw


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