The Foods of Boracay, Philippines (Part 2)

Last month, I spent my year end holidays at Boracay in Philippines. Over my 10 day holiday, I got a chance to try some great foods that the island has to offer.

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While I am far from trying most or all of the restaurants in Boracay, here are a list of some of my favourites.


Dos Mestizos

This is the first Spanish tapas restaurant that I want to share with you. Recommended by my local friend, Jet, Dos Mestizos is located near the Boracay Tourist Information Center, located at Station 3 on White Beach.

Dos Mestizos - Seating
Ambiance and seating in Dos Mestizos

Dos Mestizos serves traditional Spanish Filipino cuisine, with a nice deli and bodega of great wines.

Dos Mestizos - Tapas
Delicious tapas

The tapas menu looks and sounds delicious. We ordered a number of them to share.

  • (Top Left) Gambas al Ajillo (Shrimp sauteed in olive oil and garlic) – PHP 350
  • (Middle Left) Croquettas de Quezo Azul (Blue cheese and bechamel croquettes – PHP 240
  • (Bottom Left) Chorizo Hecho por Dos Mestizos (Homemade Spanish sausages) – PHP 310
  • (Top Right) Calamares Rellenos (Squid stuffed with chopped egg, chilli, garlic and tomato) – PHP 275
  • (Bottom Right) Salpicao de Vaca (Beef tenderloin cubes in garlic marinade) – PHP 355

These were really good. And I’m not saying “island-good” but really as good as any Spanish tapas place that you would frequent in the city. The Gambas (shrimp) was so good, we ordered multiple serving.

Dos Mestizos - Food 3
More tapas
  • (Top Left) Tortilla de Patatas (Traditional Spanish potato omelette – PHP 200
  • (Bottom Left) Mejillones al Vino Blanco (Mussels in white wine) – PHP 200
  • (Top Right) Jamon Serrano (Cured Spanish ham) – PHP 360
  • (Bottom Right) Callos con Garbanzos (Stewed ox tripe with chick peas) – PHP 355

When I spotted Serrano ham on the menu, there was no turning back. I absolutely love my cold cuts and cured meats. And the Jamon Serrano did not disappoint. Also the mussels were good. I’m not generally a fan of mussels, but these were not ridiculously big mussels (which I dislike) and perfectly cooked with just he right amount of white wine and garlic. Yum!

Dos Mestizos - Food 2
Salads to share

Also ordered some salads to share – (Top) Ensalada de Cesar (Caesar Salad) – PHP 520 for the family platter and (Bottom) Ensalade de Tomate (Tomato salad with feta cheese, balsalmic viniagrette and olive oil) – PHP 270.

The Caesar Salad was gooood…..

Dos Mestizos - Paella
Paella de Mariscos

To finish it off, we had the Large portion of Paella to share. I loved seafood paella, so this Paella de Mariscos (Fresh Seafood Paella) was ordered. Dos Mestizos has multiple sized serving of their paella.

  • Small (for 2-3) – PHP 820
  • Medium (for 3-5) – PHP 1,425
  • Large (for 5-8) – PHP 2,140
  • Extra large (for 8-10) – PHP 2,900

CONCLUSION: I love the food here. It was a shame we only found out about this place on the second last night we were in Boracay. If it were up to me, I would happily dine in Dos Mestizos every night of our time in Boracay. Yes – the food was that good. And that’s not the wine talking…

Dos Mestizos, Boracay - Menu
Full menu of Dos Mestizos (click to see enlarged copy)

Website :


Obama Grill

Obama Grill, Boracay

I spotted this the last few trips ago to Boracay (I’ve been to Boracay 6 times in total now) and never got around to trying this place. With a funny, rip-off name like “Obama Grill”, I jumped to conclusion that the food must not be that good.

I was wrong.

Obama Grill - Location
Obama Grill is located in Station 1

Located at Station 1 on White Beach, you can access the restaurant either from the beachfront or the Main Street.

Obama Grill - Seating
Ambiance and seating

These pictures were taken on my second trip to the restaurant. First time was on a rainy night that we stumbled in to Obama Grill, being the closes decent restaurant when we got rained in. The food was so good in that first dinner, we went back again a couople of days later… and I took these pictures.

Obama Grill - Ingredient & Grill
Meats and seafood for the grill

Just like with Gasthof Grill (read my review here), Obama Grill serves all sorts of grilled meats and seafood, on top of other non-grill food like burgers, sinigang (local tamarind soup) and more.

In the previous dinner, we got to sample their signature Baby Back Ribs, which according to hubby, was way better than Gasthof.

Obama Grill - Food
Porkie dish & burger

I ordered the same thing from the night before, (Top Left) Kawali Royale (Sweet deep fried pork liempo sauteed with white onions and leek) – PHP 310 with a serving of (Right) Obama Garlic Rice (Single) – PHP 40. This taste too good that I couldn’t finish it both times. But it’s so delicious!!!

Hubby, on the other hand, decided to try something other than the ribs and went for their signature (Bottom Left) Obama Burger – PHP 303 that came with a side of fries. It was a giant bun and giant (but flat) beef patty. According to him, it wasn’t great. He should’ve ordered the ribs that he really liked, instead.

CONCLUSION: Having tried their signature ribs, their local Filipino dishes (pork and sinigang), I would love to have tried their other grilled meats and seafood again. Definitely a thumbs up and recommended restaurant. Should not have judged a book by its cover name. I would come back, for sure.

Obama Grill - Menu
Full menu for Obama Grill (click to see enlarged copy)

Facebook Page :


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Backyard BBQ

Backyard BBQ, can also be known as I Love BBQ, or I Love Backyard BBQ. But there’s no mistaking the restaurant that’s located in the middle of D’Mall, central shopping area in Station 2 of White Beach, Boracay.

Backyard BBQ - Seating
Nice, casual interior

The interior decoration for the barbeque restaurant is like a casual American diner, with loads of stickers and signages all over the wall. Simple tables and booth seating in this small one shoplot restaurant with the cashier counter and kitchen at the back.

Baclyard BBQ - Food
Barbequed meats and burgers

We ordered a carafe of Backyard’s homemade lemonade, which is perfect for the 2 of us.

Hubby ordered the Onion Rings tower, which looks impressive, but really didn’t taste that great!

I love the place for its sizzling hot plate barbequed meats, served local Filipino style – with rice. So I ordered the (Bottom Right) Sizzling Tenderloin with mushroom sauce, completely drenched in a creamy mess. I love it!

Backyard BBQ, Boracay - Pulled pork burger
Pulled Pork Burger

Hubby ordered the Pulled Pork burger, which looks really delicious. And according to him, it was.

CONCLUSION: We’ve been to Backyard BBQ less than a handful of times, always for lunch. The place smells like a barbeque restaurant, which is truly enticing. You watch the food exit the kitchen and can’t help looking over your shoulder to see what other people have ordered. Great lunch place, with good food.


Truefood Indian Cuisine

True Food (Indian), Boracay
True Food, Indian Cuisine

The beauty of being in Southeast Asia, is the abundance of food choices of different cuisines. Not only are there local and Western restaurants, you also get good choices of Spanish (as per Dos Meristoz above), Greek, Thai and now… Indian food.

Hubby was craving Indian food one day, and made everyone agree to his choice of the one famous Indian restaurant on the island – True Food, a double storey setup in Station 2.

True Food (Indian) - Seating
Decor makes True Food look like a giant tree house

I love the interior decor of True Food – which has only floor seating on mats and cushions – and a design that makes the restaurant look like a giant tree house. Very creative and nice.

PS. Yes – that woman in the Right picture was wondering why I was taking “her” picture! Haha.

True Food (Indian) - Food
The usual suspects of North indian cuisine

Almost every time me and Hubby eat Indian food, we order about the same thing. Some masala, Aloo Ghobi, Bindhi (for me). This time round, it wasn’t much different, except there’s more for a bigger dining group:-

  • (Top Left) Chicken Vindaloo – PHP 420
  • (Top Right) Lamb Vindaloo – PHP 640
  • (Middle Left) Sri Lankan Lamb Curry – PHP 640
  • (Middle Right) Chana Ki Dal – PHP 275
  • (Bottom Left) Aloo Bindhi Masala (Potato & Okra in masala sauce) – PHP 275
  • (Bottom Right) Aloo Ghobi (Potato and cauliflower in masala sauce) – PHP 340

Along with some Steam White Rice (PHP 90 per single serving) and Plain Naan (PHP 130 per piece).

As you can see in the pictures above, it was really hard to tell one dish from another in this restaurant. Every dish almost looks the same. You just have to stir the food to see if it’s lamb or chicken or vegetables. The only dish that looks like a different shade of curry is my Bindhi (ladies finger).

CONCLUSION: Overall the food was alright. I have not been a bigg fan of Indian food, really. But I can tell good North Indian food from another. This wasn’t great in True Food. But the ambiance and novelty of sitting cross legged on cushions and eating with your hands, is nice. Also, helps satisfy “someone’s” Indian food craving.

True Food (Indian) - Menu
Full menu for True Food, Indian cuisine (click to see enlarge copy)

Facebook Page :

Note : True Food also organise daily morning Yoga classes, in the space upstairs, called True Yoga. Classes at 9.00 am and you can find out more on True Yoga’s  Facebook Page at


There are certainly a lot of choices for great food on Boracay island. The above are just some of my favourites. I wish I can highlight more great food, but a lot of the times, I was so hungry to have food and eat it – that I didn’t spend a lot of time worrying about snapping food porn pictures. 😛

If you’ve been to Boracay, what other restaurants would you recommend?

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  1. Hi Winnie, about “There are certainly a lot of choices for great food on Boracay island”

    So true, that’s one of the things I live about Boracay 🙂 My favorite restaurant is Viveri’s Cafe in Station 3. Do you know it? I highly recommend it, budget pricing but the food tastes like 4 or 5 star. Love it!

    Cheers, Paul


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