Online Site Review : Gadget Shopping with IPMart

There are more and more emerging  e-Commerce sites in Malaysia these days. Online shopping is definitely getting more popular in Malaysia. From fashion to groceries to electronics, there are more options for Malaysian users to purchase goods online. While many are concerned about security, payment options and trust / reliability of online sites, I’m personally a major online shopper. My day job is in e-Commerce industry, after all. 🙂

A couple of months back, I made another first order online in a website that I’ve observed for awhile but never got around to buying anything – A website that showcases a host of consumer electronic goods, gadgets and stuff, that appeals to me, the gadget geek, of course.

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Browsing on

IPmart - Homepage

IPMart has actually been around since 2001 in Kuching, Sarawak. Only in 2013 that they’ve shifted their HQ office to KL and focus on online shopping site you see today. Today, other than the ability to purchase ready stock from Malaysia, users can also pre-order or purchase items from USA and China.

Some of the highlighted features offered by IPMart includes:-

  • Order Tracker – Track your shipment by Order Number
  • 30-day Return Policy – For whatever reason (damaged item, inaccurate item, etc) you can return your item for a refund or store credit
  • Free Delivery – Enjoy FREE Delivery on selected item, which is indicated by (duh!) Free Delivery notice on the product page
  • Cash On Delivery (COD) – Choose “COD” as your payment option at checkout and select your shipment time from Mondays to Sundays, between 8 am and 9 pm

Go to the homepage at to browse for yourself the extensive list of consumer electronics products from mobile phones, phone accessories, tablet, notebook, PC and Mac, printer, camera, GPS, software and more.

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IPmart - categories
Categories of items sold on the site
IPmart - Product Page
Product Page with description of item

The site has a clean white background and easy navigation of the item that you’re looking for. Clicking on to the product page, you’ll get clear description of the item, which includes the stock availability, payment option, as well as the ability to add on related accessories in an easy pop-up window.


My Shopping Experience on IPMart

Here’s my experience of my first time shopping on the site.

IPmart - Add to cart
STEP ONE – Add to Cart

After selecting the item that I want, in this case, I bought myself a Google Chromecast HDMI dongle.

IPmart - Popup cross sell

After adding the item to your virtual cart, you will see this pop-up to cross-sell you other items.

IPmart - Billing & Shipping
STEP TWO – Enter Billing and Shipping Address

Here’s where you’ll likely need to login or signup for a new account, if you haven’t already. It makes sense to signup to manage your profile, addresses, payment options and for future order tracking.

IPmart - Cost & Confirm
STEP THREE (A) – Final Cost and Confirm Order

Next step, you’ll confirm all the details you’ve entered and click on to confirm your order and proceed to payment. Scroll down to complete the other steps.

IPmart - Confirm shipping
STEP THREE (B) – Select your shipping method
IPmart - Payment Method
STEP THREE (C) – Select your payment method
IPmart - Payment method, online banking
STEP FOUR – Proceed to pay

I selected to do an online payment here, so I get a pop-up screen to complete my online payment via Online Banking.

IPmart - Popup online banking
Pop-up for online bank transfer

Once this is done, you’ll see the confirmation page.

IPmart - Transaction successful
STEP FIVE – Transaction Successful

At the same time, you’ll also receive an automated email to confirm.

IPmart - Email Invoice
Email #1 – Sales Invoice

Once payment is confirmed, you’ll get the second email on Payment confirmation.

IPmart - Email Payment received
Email #2 – Payment confirmation


Shipment and Order Management

While you await for further information on your order, you can login to your Profile page to manage your personal details.

IPmart - My Profile
“My Profile” page
IPmart - My Order
“My Order” page

Clicking on to the “My Orders” page allows you to view the status of your order and access to more information on the detailed description of your order as per your Sales Invoice.

Once the item is shipped, in my case, my Google Chromecast took only ONE (1) day to arrive!!!! You’ll receive an email notification that your item has shipped.

What I really loved about this email, is that it included A LOT of information on my shipment. Scroll down the email and you’ll see information of the item, how it was packaged, complete with picture evidence!!!

IPmart - Email Shipped, Package photo
Email #3 – Email shipped with Package Photos

IPmart - Email Shipped, Package photo2

This ain’t no stock image either! It’s actual pictures of your actual product being packed and weighed!!!


A day later, as promised, my Google Chromecast (Yeah, I ordered 2) arrived at my doorstep, exactly as per the picture in the email!




Having tried IPMart for the first time, my experience was pleasant. Navigation on the site was easy for browsing, navigation wise and information wise. The checkout process, in my opinion, can be simplified a little. For example, too much selection for shipping method, payment method, etc.

While I understand that the availability of multiple options is preferred to serve a wide preference for customers, it made the site looks a little too cluttered and complicated at a glance.

I really really love the fact that items (when in stock) are shipped so very fast! ONE day in my case.

I also really love their email notification of the item being packaged and shipped, complete with picture evidence! Awesome!!!

What I dislike, on the other hand, is that not every item listed offers FREE Delivery.

I also dislike the fact that there are so many hidden charges to order.

From the listed product price, it made sense that I added the item to cart. Then, I find out I had to pay extra depending on the shipping method and payment method, adding on to the final invoiced price of the items. At the end of it, it added up to a rather high price that I have to pay for the item, way way off from the listed price on the product page. No good!

Hubby later ordered from IPMart for my Christmas present – Google Nexus 5 which was pre-order, at that time, and took over a month to reach me. From the initial high of quick delivery, I was disappointed soon after when the Nexus 5 took so long to arrive, with little notification from IPMart. Which likely means that their delivery time and reliability can be a little uncertain.

Overall, there’s definitely a lot of areas of improvement for his Online shopping site. I will definitely try it again in future, and hope (fingers and every limb crossed) that I am one of the lucky ones who can receive my item fast in 24 hours!!! Instead of the dreadful 1 month wait for a pre-order item. 😦

Has anyone of you tried orderfing from IP Mart before? How was your experience?

6 thoughts on “Online Site Review : Gadget Shopping with IPMart

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  1. hi, I have tried buying from ip mart..another website that is good is I bought Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth headset. It have lifetime warranty against sweat and tonidotech offers extended warranty program also and their office is in selangor. I love to cycle and listen to music at the same time. this bluetooth gives that option which is great!


  2. Whoa! beware of IPmart unless you have a lot of time and some way of paying that is out of the mainstream.

    I am currently living in Japan and needed an English OS laptop and was not satisfied with limited selection here in Japan so thought I’d try IPmart – which showed the exact model I wanted.

    I tried paying with my US AMX, Visa and even Paypal but was denied all. I even called the all three banks and got them to pre-approve and payments coming through – even, on the phone, having banks customer service watch the charge appear but then rejected by IPmart…for no reason!

    IPmart wanted be to send a picture of my credit card and my ID via internet to verify my charge…are they nuts? Might as well just give away my identity to thieves!

    They have NO PHONE CUSTOMER SERVICE! And, their text messages are all vague.

    Complete waste of time; 0 stars.


    1. I have another reader emailed me from Japan looking to purchase from IP Mart. I guess this is a rather common occurrence to ship from Malaysia.

      I understand how some online sites will want to forbid / limit overseas purchase to maintain the local price and operations. But I agree with you that forwarding a picture of your credit card and ID seems crazy.

      I’m surprised PayPal didn’t go through though. Sorry to hear about your issues.


  3. I took a look at their registration process and they actually require you to provide your “Identification Card Number” and “Passport Number” as part of the mandatory field which is crazy and serious breach of privacy. Even Ebay is not that invasive. Banks normally ask for your “Identification Card Number” as part of the verification process. Imagine people out there with that kind of information. Identity theft anyone?

    I’m not comfortable sharing that kind of information with some e-commerce site or most entities for that matter. I don’t know how you do it Winnie.


  4. My first experience with Ipmart is terrible, queries were not answered properly. The information given was vague. They even sent me 2 different prices, the second one was given after I have paid. They said there was ‘technical problem’ due to GST so I had to pay another amount. Then they came back with ‘technical problem’ again and refunded me some amount. I waited more than 4 weeks only to learn that the item was not able to be supplied by the supplier. Finally I cancelled the order and buy the item offline (now waiting full refund process which takes forever).


  5. “Unavailable items for sale, slow delivery, very very slow refund”
    I place a total of 5 orders through this website. Only one was delivered on time. Three of the orders I had to change model because they had no stock. They did not update their website stocks. Now I’m still waiting for my partial refund. It has been 2 months + now. Not doing business with them anymore. Be warned.


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